Tomato variety “Moscow delicacy”

Tomato variety “Moscow delicacy”

Tomato variety Moscow delicacy

This is a mid-ripening, very fruitful, belonging to the delicacy, variety. From the emergence of shoots to the ripening of fruits takes 120 days. Fruits fairly even for quite a long time

Moscow delicacy is resistant to many viral and fungal diseases, they do not need to be treated with all sorts of preventive chemicals. The plant is powerful in appearance, most often has a height of 140-180 cm, so it requires a mandatory garter. Plants of this variety, due to their capacity, do not need top dressing. A variety is intended for growing in the open ground or under a film

Shrubs are formed more often in three trunks. For one bush, an optimal area of 50 cm x 70 cm is needed. The bush fructifies in any weather and is resistant to phytophthora. The leaves of the plant are large, green, powerful, slightly friable. And leaves on the bushes are many. The variety is stable and long-lasting fruit in any weather and amazingly beautiful fruits, hiding in the green leaves. Another distinctive plus of the variety: the first fruits are smaller than the following, while many varieties have the opposite. In addition, they are unpretentious to watering. These all pluses allow to grow this sort of tomatoes for sale. Because of its unusual appearance, excellent taste and versatility of use, tomatoes from the Moscow delicacy are very popular among the buyer

Fruits are slightly cylindrical in shape, pepper-shaped, slightly ribbed, even in size resemble sweet Bulgarian peppers of medium size. Green fruits have a dark green hue, near the stalk almost black sometimes. Ripe fruits are red, sometimes striped. They have a very good and delicious taste, dense, without excess moisture, so they can be stored for a very long time

The weight of the fruit varies from 80 g to 150 g. They are distinguished by a higher sugar content, which makes them convenient for making baby purees and juices. Fruits are very good, just perfect, suitable for preservation of pickling and pickling, because, due to the small amount of moisture in them, they do not burst during processing

The property does not burst during heat treatment makes these tomatoes convenient for preparing stuffed tomatoes for a variety of recipes. They are good for different salads. And for baby food are suitable not only because of the high sugar content, but also due to the lack of chemicals and fertilizers in them.

Tomato variety “Moscow delicacy”