Tomato variety “Honey Saved”

Tomato variety “Honey Saved”

Tomato variety Honey Saved

Ogorodniki often read the inscription on a bag with the characteristic of the variety, contemplate a bright picture on the other side of the bag and still do not know whether this grade will suit for their garden, justify and spent growing its time, strength, and means. After all, not on one bag is written. For such educational purposes, more detailed descriptions of varieties

Tomatoes Honey saved belong to large-fruited, tall, medium-ripening varieties. A variety is intended both for growing in greenhouses, and on open ground. But more often it is grown still outdoors. Seedlings are planted in the soil 50-60 days after seed emergence. The optimum temperature for seed germination and plant growth is 23-25 ° C. At high temperatures, above 35 ° C, it almost ceases to bear fruit, as well as at temperatures below 15 ° C

The plant likes regular watering and constant top dressing with special mineral fertilizers. Yield about 4-5 kg from one bush. Honey rescued is valued for its resistance to cracking and many diseases characteristic of tomatoes, including phytophthora. It is recommended to grow Honey saved by bushes on 2-3 stems. The density of bushes for 1 square meter should not be more than three

The roots of the bush grow in depth, but there are also lateral branches. The height of the plants is about 100 cm – 160 cm, because the plants of this variety necessarily need a garter. From the shoot to maturation, usually 111-115 days pass. The fruits taste sweet, almost without sourness, but large in size. some fruits are with 1kg weight, but in most, no more than 600 g. The color of the fruit is warm yellow-honey. In form, the fruits are kidney-shaped or cordate. The flesh of tomatoes is very beautiful and pleasant in appearance. This variety refers to dietary

This sort of tomato doctors recommend allergy sufferers who are allergic to red tomatoes. These tomatoes are allergic can eat as much as they want. This sort is recommended for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Tomatoes have a good effect on liver and kidney function. It is used only in fresh salads

To preserve marinating and pickling, this variety does not fit, but the juice contains so little acid that some doctors compare it to purified water. It is believed that these tomatoes slow the aging of the body. Abroad, these tomatoes, for example, in the countries of the Mediterranean coast, are also called “golden apples”.

Tomato variety “Honey Saved”