Tomato variety “Eagle heart”

Tomato variety “Eagle heart”

Basic information.

“Eagle heart” tomatoes very often receive positive reviews. They are beautiful in appearance, delicate raspberry – pink. The shape is similar to “Bull’s Heart”, but their flesh is softer and more juicy. The fruits are very large, on average 600-800g, can reach a kilogram. Such a tomato can be eaten by the whole family, and it is enough for a whole salad!

Tomato variety Eagle heart

The cultivar is classified as tall, its bushes in height reach 170cm, and sometimes even higher, the stems are powerful. Such bushes can be used to obtain a hedge.

Leaves near the bushes of these tomatoes are medium in size, green. Inflorescences are simple. The first inflorescences originate after the 7th leaf, and the next with an interval of 1-2 sheets. Fruits are heart-shaped, slightly ribbed, very fleshy and juicy, but not watery. Unripe fruits have a light green color, and ripe fruits have a crimson color. The number of nests in the fetus is 3 or 4.

This plant well tolerates bad weather and is rarely sick, resistant to fungal diseases. Their taste is very sweet, ideal for eating raw and for preparing fresh salads. The skin is dense enough, smooth, rarely cracking and therefore the fruit does not spoil for a long time, remains whole, beautiful and tasty. According to maturing it is a medium-ripened tomato, but from ryzoplodnyh ripens one of the first.

The yield of “Eagle’s Heart” is high, and the fruits themselves are large. From one square meter you can collect up to 8, and sometimes 13kg.

Tomato variety Eagle heart


Seeding is carried out in March, or even in early April, in special pots to a depth of 1 cm. In order for the seeds to germinate faster, you can use special growth stimulants, they can also be used at the stage of ovary formation and fruit growth, and simply to strengthen and develop the plant at any stage. This will have a beneficial effect on the quality and quantity of the crop.

You need to dive at the appearance of 1-2 present sheets. It is advisable to fertilize the sprouted seedlings before planting 2 times, with complete fertilizer complexes. For a week or 10 days before planting seedlings it must be hardened.

The planting can be done no earlier than 55-70 days after sowing, and always at a time when there is no threat of frost. But this is in the open ground, and when planted in greenhouses or under cover films, you can use 40 day seedlings. In general, this kind of tomato loves a greenhouse atmosphere and fructifies better in it, but it feels good in the fresh air.

The planting scheme is best to use a spacious, with an interval of 70 to 40 cm, so that there is enough room, air and light for the fruit, and at such intervals it is easier to take care of them. After all, this variety requires a garter to the special rods, the bushes need to form, cut and clean the stepchildren, only then the plant will give good fruit and a large yield. According to this scheme it should be obtained that up to 2 plants will be located on one square meter.

It is necessary to regularly water tomatoes, preferably under the root, so that water does not remain on the leaves, and does not create conditions for burns in the sun. During the growing season it is advisable to lead two or three additional fertilizing also with mineral complex fertilizers. And of course periodically weeding and loosening the soil. The ideal temperature for growing this variety of tomatoes is from 23 to 25 degrees.

The “Eagle Heart” variety is unpretentious and can be grown in many areas of our Motherland. Many gardeners who have already appreciated all the advantages of this variety, continue to grow it on their site.

Tomato variety “Eagle heart”