Tomato variety “De Barao Giant”

Tomato variety “De Barao Giant”

The tomato de baro variety is familiar to all truck farmers, its seedlings are powerful and tall, and high taste qualities are unrivaled. Tomato “de baro gigant” is quite unpretentious in growing and resistant to various diseases, cold-resistant and shade-tolerant variety. From seedling seedlings to maturation, about 120 days pass. This variety is indeterminate, and therefore the height of the bush can reach up to three meters. Large fruits, in appearance resembling plum, vary in weight up to 1 kg. In one brush there are up to 12 fruits.

Tomato variety De Barao Giant

Dense red tomatoes have a green spot near the pedicel. The yield of the variety is about 6.4 kg / m. They are suitable not only for fresh consumption, but also for canning. The most fruitful bush becomes when two stems are formed. And under good growing conditions, the yield from 1 bush can reach up to 25 kg.

Advantages of this variety are not so many, but they are quite significant: 1. high yield; 2. high taste qualities; 3. Fruits are suitable for whole-fruit canning.

Growing tomatoes of this variety is not difficult, and even a beginning gardener can cope with this. Seeds for future seedlings sow in the first decade of March. As a nutrient primer is ideal in a ratio of 1: 1 garden soil and manure or sheet humus. All components are desirable to take friable. Add 15 g of urea and potassium chloride, a glass of ash and 50 g of superphosphate to the nutritional formula. The whole mixture must be well mixed and poured into a container for planting.

Before planting, it is advisable to keep the seed in a solution of soda (1 teaspoon per 1 liter of water) for an hour – after the time has expired, the seeds should be removed and the remaining seeds used as a seed. Seeds are sown so that between the rows the distance is 5 cm, and between the future seedlings 3 cm and sprinkled with a layer of a mixture of 5 mm. Seeds are watered with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, which is slightly heated. For watering, it is advisable to use a teaspoon – this will save the seeds from eroding.

To maintain the necessary temperature and humidity, the containers are covered with a polyethylene film and put on a bright spot. In the first ten days germinate seedlings, which need to be spilled with water every two days. After the appearance of the first real two leaves, the seedlings are dived into the cups. Before diving, the seedlings must be carefully spilled with water and take the seedling together with a lump of earth, which greatly reduces the possibility of damage to the root system and promotes better survival in a new location.

Tomato variety De Barao Giant Feeding of seedlings is carried out in ten days. When establishing warm weather, tall seedlings are transferred to the street for hardening. In no case should you leave seedlings in the sun – otherwise the seedlings can burn. In the closed ground, the seedlings are transplanted in the last decade of April – in the afternoon they keep it open, and close it for the night.

In open ground, the culture is transplanted at the end of May according to the scheme of 50 * 50 cm – each nest is spilled with water, but it is necessary to follow then that the water does not wash off the plant. It is necessary to go in for pampering of tomatoes of this variety all summer, the seedlings will bloom until the fall, and bear fruit under the condition of a warm autumn until October. It is strictly forbidden to plant after pepper, physalis, potatoes or eggplant. The site for this sort of tomato must be sunny and protected from winds. The ideal soil for sowing is loam with the addition of organic fertilizers..

Tomato variety “De Barao Giant”