Tomato variety Cherry

Tomato variety Cherry

To date, people grow tomatoes even in the northern regions. There are a lot of them and each is unique in its own way. Many summer residents put on their site small tomatoes, mostly Cherry variety

Tomato variety Cherry

At first they were used to decorate the dining table. Small tomatoes retain a fresh appearance for a long time in a cut form, and their taste qualities are very good. The name they have is because they are similar in size to cherries, weigh between 10 and 30 grams

Grow this vegetable in the open ground, in the greenhouse, even in the room

Sitting in the open ground Cherry tomatoes are planted just like ordinary tomatoes. But they can not be sown immediately into the soil, since the heat only becomes in early June, so they can not fully ripen

If you want to try this delicious vegetable earlier, you will need to prepare seedlings first. You can prepare the ground yourself or buy in the store. The main thing is that seeds are planted in warm, warmed soil

Seedlings are sown at the end of March or in April. Watered with warm water. Forms with planted seeds should be placed on the windowsills so that they are constantly in the light. In a week should appear the first sprouts

When they have four leaves, you need to arrange them on separate cups. The soil is planted only when the frost stops on the street. The air temperature should be from plus ten degrees. Do not forget to season a little seedlings before you completely take out on the street

The distance between planted plants should be from seventy to one hundred centimeters. When the tomato bushes get stronger, they will grow up to forty centimeters in height, it is necessary to insert a wooden rod into the ground next to it. So that you can tie the bushes. Garter is required for all varieties of Cherry tomatoes: both low and high bush

After three months, you can harvest. Tomatoes are torn separately or by whole brushes. Since the fruits ripen almost simultaneously, then rip them better than ripe. So they are more tasty and benefit from them more. The yield of bushes is long, until the temperature is set at ten degrees on the street

Cultivation in greenhouses To collect crops year-round, the greenhouse must be well equipped, have good heating

Tomato variety Cherry

When greenhouses do not have a heating system, the seedlings are planted in it in April, if weather conditions allow. Be sure to have it aired so that no diseases develop

So that the soil does not dry out, water it with water. And the light can be obtained from special light bulbs. Garter bushes are also necessary. Of course, greenhouse vegetables are not as useful as those grown in the ground

Breeding tomatoes on the balcony Not all varieties are suitable for growing in such conditions. Only low grades of cherry tomatoes will do. After the sprouting of the seedlings, it is transplanted into flowerpots. For the ovary, the air temperature is required from sixteen degrees. Light needs more, so it is better to put pots on balconies from the southern or eastern side. And be sure to ventilate the room

There are also ampel varieties of tomatoes, which can be planted in hanging baskets. Choose such tomatoes, in which the bushes branch well. The fruits of them must be small so that the branches do not break

Above all, do not forget to water them, such varieties do not like dry soil. Between the bushes should be a decent distance. If you collect unripe fruit, then the taste is not very good. Diseases in Cherry tomatoes are the same as in common varieties.

Tomato variety Cherry