Tomato variety “Brown Sugar”

Tomato variety “Brown Sugar”

Basic information

“Brown sugar” is one of the varieties of black-fruit tomatoes. The taste is sweet, the pulp is fleshy, they are perfect for salads and fresh use. For salting, you can also use it, the shape is very convenient for this, small and neat, almost completely round, and the color turns out to be very original, dark brown and delicious chocolate color. Also suitable for making juices and ketchups, as the fruits are juicy enough, and sometimes watery, but at the same gentle and tasty.

Fresh tomatoes of this variety in the ripened state are also dark, almost chocolate, and the smooth glossy surface of the tomato gives it a pleasant shine. To eat them fresh, straight from the garden, naturally washed, children like them, because they justify their name and have a very sweet taste.

Tomato variety Brown Sugar

A very big plus of this grade is its cold resistance. Tomatoes of “Brown Sugar” are classified as mid-late tomatoes (from shoots to the appearance and maturation of fruits it is necessary approximately 115-120 days). And so the growth of a large part of the fruits falls on autumn, but even with the onset of frost, the tomatoes continue to grow and mature, while the foliage can already freeze and fall, and the tomatoes still feel well enough and dozaryvayutsya.

There is another remarkable property of these tomatoes. They are very healthy. They contain a lot of antioxidants. They are even sometimes called “apples”! They have antiviral and anti-cancer effects. Slow down the aging process of the body and even contribute to an increase in male power! All the listed properties are contained in the maximum quantity in fresh fruits, so for the curative purpose, these tomatoes should be used in raw form or in the form of juice prepared from them.

The plant can be planted both in the greenhouse and in the open ground. If you plant it in the open ground, it can only grow to 1.5 meters or even less. In the open ground it feels good, because it is absolutely not afraid of frost. But in the greenhouse you need to tie up, as it stretches high enough and can reach 2 meters.

The weight of the fruit is small, and averages 100 grams. In this case, this variety has not a poor yield, from one meter square can be obtained from 6 to 10 kg.

Tomato variety Brown Sugar


Seeding for seedlings is done 60-70 days before planting it in open ground or a greenhouse. The most suitable temperature for germination of seeds is from 23 to 25 degrees, at the same temperature the plant grows well and fructifies.

In order for the germination process to pass faster, and also to strengthen the plant and improve the ovary, you can use special stimulating drugs. In general, this variety of tomatoes is very fond of fertilizers and various bait. Complex mineral fertilizers are suitable for this purpose.

Plants need a garter to special pegs, since they grow quite high. Also, periodically it is necessary to remove stepsons and form bushes. With the help of regulating the number of brushes and the fruits themselves on these brushes, if desired, you can achieve a sufficiently large fruit.

On one square meter you can place up to 3 bushes and get from them, as already noted, a yield of 7-10 kg.

Of course, regular watering of plants is mandatory, preferably under the root, weeding and loosening of the land. All these procedures have a beneficial effect on the growth and development of fruits, so they can not be neglected if you want to get a good harvest.

Tomato variety “Brown Sugar”