Tomato diseases

Tomato diseases

Many gardeners grow tomatoes from seeds, then carefully take care of them, but when planting seedlings in tomatoes can overtake not only pests, but also various diseases

Tomato diseases

Fruit rot (gray and white)

This is a fairly common disease not only in tomatoes, which begins with the foundation of the fetus, and then spreads to the entire fetus. Rot is a gray, watery stain that can completely cover the whole plant

This disease affects tomatoes, which are very closely planted to each other. Also, this disease contributes greatly to the high humidity and high air temperature

Symptoms of the disease

    On the leaves of the plant begin to appear light brown spots (in the initial stage of the disease); With complete disease, the plant is completely covered with spots, and the leaves become completely gray-brown; Fruits begin to rot, starting from the stalk, and mostly affected are the ripe fruits;

Fighting rot If you only notice the first signs of the disease, you need to treat the plants with fungicidal agents. Also, you can prevent the appearance of this disease, planting tomatoes, not too close to each other. Remove damaged tomatoes.

Brown leaf blotch

This disease is often sick, many plants are no exception, and tomatoes. The main causative agent of this disease is the fungus, which affects not only the stems, but also the leaves, and sometimes the fruits of the tomato

Plant infection occurs within a short time, and the incubation period of the disease ranges from ten to twelve hours. The spores of this fungus are very viable and can persist for up to ten months, transferring frost and dryness


Tomato diseases

    The defeat of leaves on the plant begins. The leaves become spotty, and the spots on them are dry; When the disease is exacerbated, the leaves begin to dry out, and then completely die; On the fruits of a tomato appear brown spots in the upper part of the fruit, the shape of such spots is mostly round; If during storage in the bulk of the vegetables there will be a tomato soaked with such a disease, then it will infect healthy fruits.

Fighting tomato patch If the first signs of disease are found, the plant must be treated with a potent fungicide. Also, when harvesting plants in autumn, it is necessary to dig up the soil. Still need to use the rules of changing cultures, which grow in one place in the garden.

Vertex rot of tomatoes

Tomato diseases

This disease is not infectious. This disease affects still immature tomato fruit. The disease occurs regardless of the ambient temperature and humidity. In most cases, this disease is comprehended by plants grown in greenhouses. The main cause of the disease is a lack of calcium

Symptoms The fruit of the tomato from the opposite stalk has a brown or yellow patch of round shape. This stain eventually darkens and is pressed into the fetus, in most cases it dries or starts to rot on the contrary

Fighting Vertex Rot

    It is necessary to correctly make all the necessary trace elements, especially in this case calcium; Before planting the plants in the open ground use fertilizers; Plant stable varieties of tomato; Before the planting, pre-treat the seeds with a solution of manganese or another special remedy against diseases. Blackleg

In most cases, this disease affects the seedlings of tomatoes, but in rare cases can comprehend and the adult plant. Blame for all the excessive watering


    The root cervix begins to darken; Thin and rotates the neck of the plant.

Struggle with a black stem. It is necessary to produce a moderate watering. Plant the plants not close to each other. Before planting to prevent disease in the soil, you need to make trichodermine.

Tomato diseases