Tomat variety “Koenigsberg”

Tomat variety “Koenigsberg”

Tomat variety Koenigsberg

Basic information

Great love this kind of tomatoes has acquired due to excellent taste, a lot of vitamins and its unpretentiousness.

This variety is considered to be medium-ripening. This grade is intended for growing in the open ground, and it grows well not only in the southern regions of our country, but also in the severe Siberian climate, largely due to Siberian breeders.

The bushes are rather tall and extend from one and a half to two meters. The fruits are elongated, the shape is slightly similar to eggplant. Bushes are crooked and therefore the tomatoes “Koenigsberg” are high-yielding. The mass of fruits is mainly 300 g. The color of the tomato is bright red or juicy yellow, depending on the variety variety.

Tomat variety Koenigsberg

Tomatoes “Koenigsberg” have a high content of antioxidant lycopene, contain many useful vitamins (A, K, PP, E, B2, B6), as well as mineral salts, iodine, magnesium, manganese, glucose and fructose.

Thanks to the high content of lycopene, these tomatoes have an anti-cancer effect, prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system. All these useful properties can be fully obtained only in fresh form, and to increase the therapeutic effect, you can add vegetable oil. Salad them with these tomatoes, seasoned with vegetable oil, is becoming extremely useful.

There are several types of tomatoes, “Koenigsberg”, the usual red and derived from them with the selection of yellow tomatoes. Their color, bright yellow, perhaps, the main difference from the progenitors, because the taste and the large composition of vitamins in yellow varieties is almost identical. Their yellow color is caused by the increased content of useful carotene, and for this sometimes it is called “Siberian apricot”.

There is another kind of tomato “Koenigsberg”, it is called “Koenigsberg heart-shaped.” It differs from the others in large sizes, and the yield of this kind sometimes reaches several kilograms from one bush.

Tomat variety Koenigsberg


Seeds of tomatoes “Koenigsberg” begin to sow by the end of March or in the early days of April, the entries appear weeks after two. It should be dived when 2-3 present sheets appear. Growing seedlings better in separate pots, better peat, to avoid damage to the root system during transplantation. And to strengthen the seedling and improve its condition, you can use special growth stimulants.

Landing in the open ground is done when warm weather is established to avoid frost. The seedling age by this time should be at least 60-70 days, there are exceptions, but only under very good weather conditions. Before planting the seedlings must be hardened, moving it into a room with a temperature of 15 to 17 degrees. It is advisable to do this a couple of weeks before landing in the open ground.

The variety “Koenigsberg” is rather unpretentious, and at the same time very tasty and yielding. But behind it, as well as behind any plant you need to look after, periodically watered, hilled holes and loosen soil, weed and fertilize. Tomatoes respond very well to lure, grow better and bear fruit. Complex fertilizers are quite suitable for them.

Since this grade is quite high, it needs to be tied to special pegs, and also, if necessary, to remove stepsons. The binding should be carried out for 3 or 4 weeks after planting in the open ground. In the process of growth, you may need additional binding or editing the first garter.

Tomatoes “Koenigsberg” is better to use fresh, to get all the vitamins and other nutrients contained in it, but also for salads and winter preparations this variety is good and will give a good taste to any dishes.

Tomat variety “Koenigsberg”