The contents of chickens in winter

The contents of chickens in winter

The contents of chickens in winter Speaking in general about how to properly keep chickens in the winter months, then there are no special differences. But there are certain subtleties that are important to take into account without fail. What is the most important thing? The room for birds should be as warm as possible. It is important cleanliness, ideal dryness and spaciousness. It is very important that the chickens here are really comfortable

There is a mistaken opinion of experts that at this time chickens are simply unable to carry eggs. This statement is only partially true, as these months are the moulting period of birds. But there is a completely logical question: is this going on throughout the winter? As practice shows, this process does not have such a long duration. The reason that the chickens do not carry eggs in the winter, is their wrong content and inadequate feeding. Everything is simple enough – the room is very cold or it is completely absent

The contents of chickens in winter Often, chickens are placed in rooms that are not designed for this purpose. How can we even talk about some kind of clutch, if the bird has to spend all the available energy just to not freeze. Even a 10 degree temperature with a “+” sign in the house will allow chickens to carry eggs even in winter. How to do it in practice. There are two ways:

    Make a special source of heat in the poultry house, which will heat the room. To make this a reality is difficult and fraught with very tangible costs. You can naturally heat the house in cold weather. What is needed to ensure that the room so urgently needed heat comes into the room? The straw is put on the floor (the layer should be large – 25 centimeters). Do this in advance: at the end of summer. Litter is left until the time until the outside is warmer and no positive temperatures start. Initially, litter makes it so that the litter falls down. Only after this begins the heating itself. This allows the release of heat, which is very important for birds at this time. It is enough to ensure that the temperature is constantly maintained at the required level.

Also necessarily make ventilation, which will draw air and deliver fresh

The next moment to think about is roost. From the floor it is located quite low (no more than 70 centimeters). This will allow the heat to quickly warm the birds, and not go in vain into the air. The cross-section of the strips should be such that the birds can sit comfortably. Their muscles will not strain, and chickens can not accidentally fall

In feeding there are no special subtleties. It is necessary to actively give birds all kinds of cereals, potatoes in cooked and crushed form, grated root crops and chaff. Food should be warm, by no means cold. It is noticed that the chickens eat much better. In a water bowl there must always be water (not cold). Also, a special feeder is needed with fine gravel poured into it. It is necessary for the digestion of birds to work correctly. It is also beneficial for egg production

Most poultry farmers give advice to feed chickens with dried nettles. This additive also effectively influences that hens in the cold time willingly carried eggs

Because it’s frosty outside, the chickens do not want to go out there at all. At the same time, it is absolutely of no decisive importance whether a special comfortable lazard is equipped and whether there is a spacious paddock. How to solve this important problem? All is simple enough: you just need to pour out the grain (just a few handfuls). This tricky trick will allow the hens to swarm as long as possible in order to collect all the scattered grain. Thanks to this simple method, hens will regularly walk

As it turns out, the content of chickens in winter does not represent any special difficulties. If it’s still good to take care of them and feed them fully, you can regularly get eggs from them.

The contents of chickens in winter