The breed of rabbits “Rex”

The breed of rabbits “Rex”

For the first time the appearance of a new breed of rabbits was announced in 1919, it happened in France. Initially, the breed of rabbits Rex was obtained as a mutation, after studying which specialists came to the conclusion that it was necessary to continue work in this direction and obtain an even better breed

The breed of rabbits Rex

Rabbits are bred for obtaining skins. Rex’s fur was so highly valued in the market that the breed almost lost its quality, as livestock breeders, fearing the rabbits receiving new characteristics, used exclusively interbreeding. Such a mistake hardly led to the loss of the breed as a whole, since rabbits were born unviable and did not correspond to the originally obtained breed

Exterior Features Depending on the color of the wool, there are at least 20 varieties of Rex breed rabbits. In Russia, rabbits first came from Germany, quickly took root, and at the moment there is a breed of rabbits – rex Russian

The breed of rabbits Rex

The rabbit’s body is well developed, but brittle enough and refined. The bones are light, the head is small, oblong, and the ears are of medium length. The length of the rabbit’s body does not exceed 54 centimeters. In the chest region the torso of the rex narrows. There is a small dewlap. The back of the rabbit is elongated, in some cases there may be a small hump. Hindquarters thin, limbs long

The color of the coat is different from white to blue. The wool is soft, thin, glitters in the sun, therefore it is highly appreciated by the manufacturers of fur products. The rabbit fur is thick, the coarse hair along the length is not inferior to downy, because the beginner may seem that the rabbit was tonsured

Maintenance and care Rabbits do not differ fertility, from one rabbit for a season you can get no more than 6 rabbits. Early recurrence rex also do not differ, monthly rabbits do not reach by weight and 700 grams. In the future there is an increase in weight, but it can not be called significant. Adults weigh an average of 2 to 5 kilograms

They contain rabbits in spacious clean cells, where there is a place for a rabbit’s stool and a compartment for food and water. It is very important that the rabbit’s fur is permanently clean, therefore, the cage needs to be cleaned at least once every 3 days, using a regular broom for this purpose. The cell is cleaned only after its inhabitants are temporarily moved to another room

It is not recommended to keep juveniles and old individuals nearby, the first ones may suffer, since in most cases adult rabbits perceive the appearance of babies in their territory quite aggressively

The cell should be well ventilated, the front part of it should be made of a mesh. In the cell must be installed a special double removable floor, and also be at least 2 doors, which will avoid unnecessary trouble when catching a rabbit

Feeding Since rabbits are grown to produce beautiful wool, they need to be fed only with products that contribute to improving its quality. Should avoid giving rabbits dyeing wool fruit and vegetables, planning to feed rabbits with red beets, it is best to use its sugar analog

Feed rabbits of breed reks with grain, juicy grasses, leaves of trees, hay and straw. Rabbits are almost omnivorous, so you should limit them to food only when it can harm their health. Feeding rabbits to fruits and dairy products is allowed.

When slaughtering, the lethal yield of meat is low enough, the meat itself is tender and fragrant, is a wonderful dietary dish. After slaughtering rabbits’ skins are processed and sold, mainly they go for the production of natural fur products and are never painted.

The breed of rabbits “Rex”