The breed of hens “Orel calico”

The breed of hens “Orel calico”

The breed of hens Orel calico

The chicken “Orel chintz” was brought to the territory of the estate of Count Orlov, in honor of which he was named. During all the development time, it was possible to eliminate such shortcomings as low endurance of low temperatures and a small indicator for the production of eggs.

Today the breed is the leader in terms of meat and eggs productivity in the market. At the beginning of their history, these chickens were derived not only to replenish food supplies, but also as a decorative look. The external appearance of birds is unusual and often pleases the surrounding, it is interesting to watch birds.

Chickens produce enough eggs per year. The shell has a rich cream color. The feathering of individuals is of different colors, such types as a bird with a combination of black and scarlet and the presence of brown feathers on the chest, striped, calico and cuckoo.

Mature individuals grow to a large size, the trunk slightly elevated and set vertically. Roosters of this breed can sometimes peck feed from the table. The head is of medium size, the frontal bone is wide. The crest of a small rich crimson hue, slightly raised and partially covered with feathers. Beak shortened, slightly curved.

Expressive superciliary arches give the chicken an unusual appearance. Thick beard and pots cover the whole face. Roosters have earrings, they do not have chickens. The eyes are set deep and have a rich amber color. The neck is long and disproportionate to the whole body, vertically raised upwards.

This kind of becoming is a feature of this breed of chickens. The hook is slightly raised and forms a bump on the neck, which gives the chicken a specific appearance. The body is elongated and powerful, the roosters are located more vertically, which gives them an aggressive look. The tail is of medium length and short, proudly raised. The wings are pressed against the trunk and have an average size.

The chicken’s shoulder system is well developed, this is due to their unusual position of the body. Legs are of medium length, feathering is missing, four fingers are arranged and form a stable platform. The claws on the legs are powerful and thick.

The location of the body of the chickens creates an erroneous opinion about the use of these birds in battles. This is a delusion, the breed and the truth refers to the fighting style, but this fact does not determine the use of these chickens in battles. Although the kind of cock is really awesome.

The breed of hens Orel calico

Chickens are bright yellow with a pronounced stripe on the back. After a couple of weeks, the color of the plumage of the offspring changes radically. Offspring require additional care, it is advisable to keep the first week in a separate room with a constantly optimal temperature. The offspring do not tolerate dampness and hypothermia of the extremities, this leads to death.

The breed is resistant to change in climatic conditions, it tolerates frosts well. Chickens do not require special content, they can live in an open-air cage. It is necessary to choose a quality balanced feed, monitor the availability of water and change the litter in time. In good conditions, the chickens do not get sick and carry eggs well all year round regardless of the temperature of the air.

A mature chicken produces about 140 eggs per year, which is an indicator above the average. The rooster reaches 4 kg by weight, and the chicken weighs 3.5 kg on average. This is a good indicator for the cultivation of birds for meat. The meat is very tasty and delicate, it is very popular with nutritionists because of the high protein content.

Over the entire period of its existence, the popularity of this breed of chickens was undulating. At one time, many embarrassed the posture of the bird, some endowed it with even mystical properties. Today the breed is in great demand again, and the unusual kind of hens does not frighten anybody.

The breed of hens “Orel calico”