The breed of hens “Cochin”

The breed of hens “Cochin”

The breed of hens Cochin

Every year our planet becomes more and more filled with people. Therefore, naturally, meat production should also grow in its volume. To this end, breeders are increasingly trying to bring out new breeds of meat targeting, because for the population there should not be a deficit of chicken meat. But that the final breed was qualitative, for its reception good predecessors are necessary. The Conchin chickens are birds that have begun in the creation of many good breeds. About it and there will be a speech

Origin of chickens konkhinhin

The breed of hens Cochin

The breed received its name from ancestors that were introduced in the territory of Indochina. For the first time these birds were talked about in the beginning of the 19th century. But other information says that birds with such vivid distinctive external data met much earlier

The breed was brought to Europe in 1843. And only by the end of the 19th century, these outstanding birds came to our country. Here, the Conkhinhin took root very well and became the main breed that was used to breed new broiler chickens. Some of which resembled externally and genetically on their ancestor

For example, chickens of Conchinchin are easily confused with a bird that was obtained from them when crossing – brahma. Outwardly these rocks are very similar and a person who is not a specialist in this area can not distinguish them

But unfortunately, in our time there are very few chickens of the Conchin chin. All of them are in private farmsteads or collectors who appreciate these birds for their unusual beauty, good endurance and high egg-laying, even in severe frosts

Breed description

The breed of hens Cochin

Of course, so as not to say the theory, such unusual birds must be seen first hand. This can be done with the help of photos.

The bird of this breed has a very powerful body. Chest and back are broad, well muscled. In the zone where the neck passes into the shoulders, the breed has a bend. Roosters look very proud, wearing their thick tail. The head is of medium size, the beak is small and bent, yellow in color. The head is decorated with a miniature comb. Eyes, as a rule, are orange-red. The legs of the breed are short, but very powerful. The shins have a dense plumage, and good proportions. They are often called panties. They are the ones who save the chickens in the cold season. Wings also do not have a significant length. When they are folded, they hide under the tail feathers. Chickens, unlike males, are not so tall and proud. They are small with a powerful neck. The body of the bird is slightly inclined forward. What gives chickens a special massiveness. Color plumage can be completely different. It’s both white and red, and black. Here everything will depend on the subspecies.

Advantages and disadvantages of breed breeding 1. Chickens have a large meat mass

2. The breed does not require special conditions of detention, as it is unpretentious

3. Nesushki bear eggs even in winter

4. Large areas are not needed for maintenance

5. Nesushki are very good mothers

6. chickens have an attractive and aesthetic appearance

But, along with a large number of pluses, this breed has its own disadvantages

Disadvantages of the breed

1. Chickens are often obese

2. Chickens of the species mature long and poorly grow feathers

3. To keep the breed at home keeping all the natural data you need to try very hard. Here we need knowledge and experience

4. Conchin chickens due to their small population are quite expensive

Well, for true connoisseurs of the breed, of course, these shortcomings do not play any role. The Conchin chickens are an unusual, individual, beautiful and large bird. It is able to attract the attention of even an unsophisticated viewer.

The breed of hens “Cochin”