The breed of geese “Legart”

The breed of geese “Legart”

The breed of geese Legart

Agriculture in our country is experiencing not the best of times – the content of cows and pigs does not give the desired result. Therefore, households predictably moved toward keeping the birds. And the people with the greatest entrepreneurial tendencies began to breed geese, giving priority to the legart breed

Geese of Legart breed have a high survival rate, but they are finicky in caring for them. It is necessary to add vitamin supplementation to the daily diet and vaccinate against various diseases. Especially it concerns young animals

But the popularity of Goose geese among private farms is explained by their nutrition “in the mode of economy”. They consume feed by 1/5 less than their counterparts. Arriving from a distant Danish kingdom, they quickly fell in love with Russians: less costs for goose food and reach impressive size and weight in a relatively short time

Gander on average weighs about eight kilograms, a goose – no more than 7 kg. Feed geese breed legart basically grass, only 20% is the usual grain feed

But all of the above advantages could be crossed out by one drawback: a fairly low egg production. For one cycle, the goose of this variety hatchs no more than fifty eggs, and the hatchability of the chicks does not reach 70%. Nature corrected this matter by a large percentage of the survival of the goose of the breed legart: both chicks and adult geese. If properly to care for gander, they always die either by natural death from old age or from “getting on the table as a treat”

Therefore, to Legarty brought profit and a high payback to its owner, they need to breed in large quantities, in order to always have young and meat for sale. Some people buy legars as an element of the decoration of the barnyard: their snow-white color, acquired by molting, and the easy “flying” gait of many does not leave indifferent

Another characteristic feature: the first brood of goslings always differs slightly in appearance from the subsequent broods of the same “parents”. And children can take care of these beautiful birds, since they have a calm temper and complaisant character, they do not arrange a quarrel between their kindreds. And they throw themselves only at “outsiders”, thus manifesting themselves as excellent guards

If there is an interest in breeding geese specifically for sale – then breed legart is an excellent option because of the economics of breeding and high growth in offspring.

The breed of geese “Legart”