The breed of cows “Obrik”

The breed of cows “Obrik”

The breed of cows Obrik

This breed appeared more than 100 years ago in the southern regions of France. The name of the breed came from the name “Obak” of the Benedictine abbey, on the territory of which there were high pastures in the mountains suitable for grazing cattle. From late May to early October, the animals were on pastures. Members of the abbats divorced cows for meat and milk. The meat was used for cooking, and the milk was cooked with fine cheese. After the victory of the French Revolution, the land belonging to the abbatswu was divided among the farmers living on that territory, who continued the tradition of rearing cows of the breed

In 1830 an exhibition of cows of the Vorka breed was organized, where it was decided to interest the peasants in the production of high-quality cheese. Also at the exhibition standards for the appearance of animal breeds were established, the main directions in breeding were determined. In 1893 a pedigree book of the breed was created, the total number of heads in the herds was more than 300 thousand

Then followed a period when the breed almost did not divorce. This was due to the appearance of more productive dairy breeds. And only a few years ago the breeding of this breed was resumed, as the breeders found that the cows of this breed are perfectly suited for mating with representatives of various large breeds of meat direction. Thanks to this, the number of cows of the Abrack breed increased by more than 60% in less than ten years. In addition, the animals of this breed can now be found in any part of the globe

Cows of the breed have a generally light brown color of the coat with light spots on the muzzle and legs. The head of the animals is small, neat with a slightly snub-nosed profile. The nose is dark. The back is broad with well developed anterior and posterior parts of the skeleton. The back is slightly concave. Sacrum, like other breeds of dairy direction, slightly elevated. Legs strong with well-developed musculature

The images are not whimsical at all. They are characterized by the ability to digest a large number of coarse grains, as well as grass. In addition, the animals of this breed tolerate transitions over long distances, which is a key factor in extensive animal husbandry

The height of adult cows is 130 cm. The average weight is 650-750 kg. Bulls are slightly higher than cows, and they all range from 800 to 1150 kg. Newborn calves weigh no less than 35 kg. At the age of eight months the weight of calves increases 6-7 times and is 230-240 for calves and 260-270 for calves. By the half-yearly age, the live weight of animals reaches 520-550 kg

The Aubrac is considered to be a modern progressive breed of cows, which are great for fast growing

Due to the fact that the usual place for breeding animals of this breed is the mountainous area, and the main food for them is grass, their meat is considered one of the most fragrant, although in taste, it is inferior to meat from Hereford and limousines.

The breed of cows “Obrik”