The breed of cows “Limousine”

The breed of cows “Limousine”

The breed of cows Limousine

The breed of cows is limousine, or limousine originates from the French province of Limousin, where livestock was widely developed. They began to breed this breed in the second half of the 18th century by crossing local Aquitaine livestock with more productive breeds of cows. Gradually, work to improve the productive qualities of livestock began to be more systematic and from the working type limousines switched to the type of meat and milk

After a while the breeders began to develop mainly the meat qualities of animals with the possibility of assessing their appearance. The best representatives of the limousine breed have repeatedly participated in various agricultural exhibitions. In 1856, the tribal book of the breed was established. Since that moment, a great work has been done to improve the meat qualities of animals (the average weight of an adult animal has been increased, the amount of fat in carcasses has been reduced)

An important role in the cultivation of limousines was played by the origin of animals. Bulls-producers were evaluated for the quality of offspring. From each selection, the best animals with well expressed meat qualities were selected to continue the development of the breed, as the bulls passed these qualities to their offspring. In Russia animals of limousine breed began to import in the early 60s of the XX century

In the 50-ies of the twentieth century. in France, a special system for fattening cows of limousine breed was developed. The cattle were fattened in stalls. For the production of high quality beef, the fattening period did not last more than 1 year. During this period, the body weight of the young animal approximately reached 500 kg. This technology is effective to the present time, because limousine meat is considered to be the best French beef and is highly valued

The appearance of limousine cows can easily be defined as representatives of the so-called meat direction. They, typical of such breeds, have a small head with a wide front part. Horns small, light shade. The coat is usually red. Bones of the skeleton are strong, wide. The muscular system of limousines is perfectly developed. The height of these cows is not more than 135 cm. Bulls are slightly higher (about 140-145 cm). Chest circumference in a cow 185-190 cm, in a bull – 235-240 cm

Newly born calves do not weigh more than 40 kg. However, at the end of the fattening period, their weight reaches 260-310 kg. The body weight of young animals per day increases by an average of 800-950 gr. Cows limousines are of good quality, do not require special care during calving and in the early days of the life of the offspring. On average, a cow gives 1500-1800 kg per year. milk with a fat content of 4.8-5.0%

A feature of the limousine breed is the possibility of obtaining high-quality meat, regardless of the age of the animal (for sale, both young calves and large adult bulls and cows are killed)

In France, limousine cows occupy one of the leading positions in the number of livestock

Recently, this breed has become widely used as a genetic foundation for new breeds of cows in the direction of the meat industry.

The breed of cows “Limousine”