The breed of cows “Hereford”

The breed of cows “Hereford”

The breed of cows Hereford

The Hereford breed of cows is considered to be one of the most famous English meat breeds of cows. The appearance of this breed is attributed to the end of the 18th century, and her homeland is considered to be county Hereford in the south-west of England. Breeded this breed for quite a long time by improving the productive qualities of local cows. The cultivation of Hereford was carried out on special pastures that were suitable for use throughout the year

This fact contributed to the formation of a physique, characteristic for breeds of meat direction. In addition, a healthy young generation of cattle was well fed on such pastures, because thanks to the constant availability of pasture, the animals quickly gained weight and grew intensively. And already by the second half of the 19th century the Herefords occupied the first place in the world ranking of breeds of beef direction by livestock

Almost at the same time, the Herefords were brought to the United States, where the Hereford cattle association was organized. This organization had a great influence on the further breeding of this breed not only in America, but also in other countries of the world

Basically cows hereford breed red color with white patches on the abdomen, tail and legs. Their height is usually 125 cm. The cows of this breed are considered compact, because they have a short enough (only 150 cm) and a wide body. Head small with short, directed upwards horns. The neck is very short and large. The chest is broad with well-developed muscles, diagonally its size reaches 50 cm. The skeleton is strong, with correctly located forelegs and hind legs. The back of the trunk is well developed, the back is even, without a sagging in the waist, the tail is short and thick enough. Wool thick

Representatives of the Hereford breed of cows are very well fattened, resulting in an excellent “marble” meat, which is considered to be the most high-quality and expensive of all types of beef

Weight of newborn calves is from 24 to 26 kg., Steers – from 27 to 35 kg. For the first six months of life young growth is about 150 kg., And at the age of one and a half-year-old the weight of heifers is 380-400 kg, and bulls – 460-510 kg. The live weight of adults varies from 500 kg. for cows up to 1250 kg. for bulls

Unlike many other breeds of meat, Hereford has very low milk production (less than 120 kg of milk per year with a low percentage of fat content – 3.9%). In this regard, the cows of this breed do not milk

In Russia, the Herefords were brought in at the beginning of the twentieth century and their cultivation began to be practiced in the Rostov and Orenburg regions. Most of the animals of this breed were crossed with Kazakh and Kalmyk breeds to improve milk productivity. The most successful cross of the Hereford breed with local cattle was the Kazakh white-headed breed of cows, which was bred in the 1950s

The bulls of Hereford breed pass their offspring to a high productivity, so they are still used to improve the quality of meat in steppe breeds of cows.

The breed of cows “Hereford”