The breed of chickens “Plymutrok”

The breed of chickens “Plymutrok”

The breed of chickens Plymutrok

Plymouth is a meat breed of chickens, which was brought to the US in the mid-twentieth century in Plymouthrock. It was inferred by the method of crossing such breeds as Dominican, Brahma, Cochinhin, Langshan, Javanese. To date, there are eight species of this breed: striped, black, pale, partridge, white

The breed of chickens Plymutrok

Economic qualities Chickens of Plymouth breed have very delicate and tasty meat, which resembles broiler meat and has a slightly yellowish tinge. Lovers of meat because of the yellow shade, it is not considered elite

These chickens are calm, have a good and downed trunk, move little and adapt quickly and easily to new climatic conditions

The first Pimutroki eggs are carried in about 6 months. Unlike many other breeds, are prone to hatching eggs. During incubation, they do not worry and do not feel any discomfort. Chickens do not lose tribal qualities

The weight of eggs is about 58-60 grams, and their shells have a light brown color. In one year they can demolish up to 170 testicles

The weight of cocks is 3.6 – 4.3 kg, and that of chickens – 2.7 -3.4 kg

Features of the striped Plymouthrock Plymouthrock is of several types, the striped has such characteristics: – head – medium size; – The beak is yellow, short, but strong; – eyes are orange-red; – earrings of medium size and oval shape; – lobes of small size and bright red color; – The neck is small, medium; – The back is wide, slightly raised near the tail; – the hip is small and short with thick plumage; – color striped with slight shades, alternating white and black lines of the same width, but at the tips of the feathers are always black

Roosters, in contrast to the chickens, narrow stripes, where light shades predominate, and in hens the color is darker. Chickens at the age of 1 day have a black fluff, but on the tummy there are bright spots, which are very often on the head in chickens

How to care and grow? Plymouths are not fastidious in food, so chickens can easily eat the same food as adults, but only need to grind it a little. First time they can be fed with corn flour, boiled eggs, cottage cheese. After 2 weeks you can already give yogurt and start to give mixed feed. At 5 weeks, chickens are allowed to walk and give grass, and in 6 – you can already give whole grains. For full-fledged growth, care must be taken that chickens always have clean water and gravel

While pimutroki grow, in their diet must necessarily be crushed bones

The conditions of detention are quite simple. The place should be light and dry

Chickens of this meat breed behave quite calmly. They are not aggressive and even slow. Tasty meat, a good number of eggs, incubating them are those properties that many poultry breeders like. Due to the fact that chickens themselves can hatch chickens, the incubator in the household may not be useful

Chickens are very good not only for meat, but for eggs, and they are not fastidious and easy to grow, an attractive look is that will not leave indifferent any host.

The breed of chickens “Plymutrok”