The breed of chickens “Moscow black”

The breed of chickens “Moscow black”

The Moscow black breed of chickens was bred in 1980 by Russian breeders at the Bratzovskaya poultry farm. The breed was obtained by interspecific and intraspecific crossing. The main task of poultry farmers was the achievement of high meat and egg production by birds

For crossing, the following chicken breeds were used: – Leygorn; – Jurlovskie; – New Hampshires. As a result of interbreeding, large birds were able to breed with good egg production

The breed of chickens Moscow black

Distinctive features of the breed This breed is characterized by a black plumage, a large head, a leaf-shaped crest, a black beak-sized, orange iris eyes, an average size, a slightly bulging chest and a straight back

The chicken stands well on short, strong legs. The tail and the bird’s wings are well developed. Some chickens can observe golden feathers around the neck and tail. Usually such color of feathers is characteristic for cocks, as they by nature are more beautiful than chickens

Cocks have golden feathers in the region of the back, their legs also differ in a lighter shade of skin. Externally, the bird does not look big, aggressive habits for it are also not characters, even cocks and they behave quite peacefully. The wings of the Moscow breed of chickens are poorly developed, therefore, when building a henhouse, there is no need to think about high fencing

The breed of chickens Moscow black

Feeding and care These birds are unpretentious in care, they are easy to grow in large poultry farms, and in private households. Chickens feel fine in a limited space, their cell content is allowed. But it is better to keep them in a standard hen house, with the possibility of growing chickens on straw litter

The floor in the henhouse must necessarily be earthy, in rare cases wooden. Filling floors should be avoided, despite the fact that the bird is resistant to various chicken diseases, it is quite capable of catching a cold

Young birds quickly gain weight and begin to swoop already after reaching the age of six months

Feeding birds should be organized in such a way as to prevent obesity. Feed should be at least 4 times a day, alternating dry food with wet pouches. Mashrooms are made from small grains, or flour from various cereals. Mixing is necessary immediately before the distribution of food, which will avoid the souring of food. After the chickens are full of mash should be removed, clean the feeder and pour in it dry food

You should avoid feeding the chickens with corn, or try to alternate it with other foods. Excessive consumption of corn can cause the chicken to become fat, its internal organs will be covered with fat, and it will cease to be carried. When cutting a chicken, the farmer will have to work hard to clean the chicken carcass from excess fat. Meat and egg production indicators The Moscow chickens weigh an average of 3 kilograms, and the weight of roosters is 500-600 grams more than the weight of chickens. During the season, one chicken is capable of demolishing approximately 230-240 eggs. Naturally, high egg production rates are completely dependent on the content and feeding of the bird. To the chicken could tear down 10 eggs, it needs to feed at least 2 kilograms of feed. By creating ideal conditions for keeping the birds, the farmer can increase egg production to 300 eggs per season

Eggs of the Moscow breed of chickens have a light brown hue, the weight of the egg does not exceed 60 grams on the average. Of adult chickens, bad hens are obtained, therefore, it is best to place eggs under other breeds of birds for domestic chicken breeding

This breed of chickens is ideal for any farmer, as it allows to receive a large amount of meat and eggs at minimum cost.

The breed of chickens “Moscow black”