The breed of chickens “Minorca”

The breed of chickens “Minorca”

The breed of chickens Minorca

A small-spread egg rock minor was bred on islands located in the Mediterranean Sea. In severe frosts, these birds may have a little bit of scallop

To protect chickens, it should be at minus temperatures, grease scallops with grease. Minorca is small, but it carries eggs very well, so many farmers prefer it

Economic qualities Minorca is undemanding and can live well not only in a large yard, but also on a small one. Despite the fact that the breed is not meat, the chickens have a good weight: the cock is 3.5-4 kilograms, the chicken is 2.5-3 kg

Chickens are very good not only in spring, summer and autumn, but also in cold weather – in winter, and their egg-laying does not decrease. For the year, chickens can demolish up to 200 white eggs and weighing 60-65 grams

Chickens do not like hatching eggs, so to get the young they will have to use an incubator, for which you should choose only those eggs that are born by two-year-old chickens. Chickens grow quite quickly and in the process of growth should be 2 times to do the culling, because any marriage worsens the quality of chickens

Description Minorok can easily be recognized for their beautiful crest, which resembles a beret, which is slightly shifted. The lobes are like tonsils. Description: Chickens are small and very attractive; The chest is wide, and the trunk is slightly elongated; The wings and tail are well developed; Wings and tail are developed fairly well; Eyes average, brown; High paws

The breed of chickens Minorca

The signs of degeneration of the breed are a narrow body, a dangling crest, red lobes, a tail like a squirrel, wrapped feathers. Minorca is of three types: German, American and English. The color is different – variegated, black and white. English minors have a more interesting color. In English, the head is slightly oblong with a leaf-shaped crest. Cocks have a large, rounded cock. In addition to red, the comb can be pink. Chickens are very calm and get along well with other chickens. In food they are not fastidious, they do not require any special care. Chickens grow well and quickly feather. Meat tastes tender and juicy, white tinge

Chickens are hardy and despite the fact that they do not like frost, with proper care they can feel good not only in warm latitudes

For the first time, chickens are selected at a small age, depending on their physical development. The second time the chickens should be selected by the exterior at the age of 5-7 months, if the hens will not be carried well – they should also be taken out

Chickens live well in a small area, but even better – when the cages are spacious. In the henhouse should always be dry and there should be no drafts

Chickens are fed grain and boiled egg, in layers in the diet must be a protein

Thanks to a good egg-laying, excellent, tasty and white meat, minors are bred for decorative and economic purposes. They grow well and quickly, have an attractive appearance and are popular with many farmers, but one should not forget to take care of them in the winter.

The breed of chickens “Minorca”