The breed of chickens “Maran”

The breed of chickens “Maran”

The breed of chickens Maran

In our time there are a lot of varieties of chickens. These are powerful broilers with chic plumage, and simple laying hens, and miniature, unusual breeds with dense feathering on legs and tail, and many others. Some of them are bred for obtaining a large amount of meat mass, others for high egg production, others can give both

A beginner in farming is easily confused among such a variety of breeds. Many experienced breeders of chickens begin their business with the breed of maran. And they remain true to her for many years

It is also worth noting that the marans also have miniature species in the breed. They have a similar feathering, but a more compact size

The breed of chickens is maran. general description

The breed of chickens Maran

Also these chickens can be called Marans. They have a very beautiful color of plumage, a good meat mass and a high percentage of egg production. Also famous for its meat and for its high palatability, and eggs for the unusual chocolate color and large size

The breed is not very widespread in our country. But every year the number of farmers who decide to breed exactly the maran grows

The bird of this breed was brought out in Europe. To be more precise, in France. The city that became the birthplace of the breed is called Marans. Because the bird got its name. The native land of the Maran breed is located in a marshy area. This played a role in the behavior of chickens. Since they easily adapt to conditions that are far from favorable. At its first exhibition in history, the Maran breed took the place of the winner

Breed description

The breed of chickens Maran

The breed has a meat and egg orientation. The color of the plumage of the hens is bright and unusual. Individuals have impressive sizes, a special graceful appearance and importance. The breed is considered royal, as chickens and roosters behave very dignifiedly and proudly

The outside creates the impression that the bird is very powerful and strong. Chickens lead a very lively lifestyle, but at the same time they have a balanced and calm nature. The breed tolerates all diseases very well, to many it is simply insensitive

Roosters have not only a stately bones, but also beautiful earrings and a neck collar. The breed was very bearable. The head is not impressive, but it is decorated with a comb of six teeth. As a rule, he hangs on his side. The eyes are orange, turning into red, color. The tail is short, the angle of his swing is 45 degrees. The hip of the breed has a slight tail, the color of the legs is white. Fingers four in the chickens. One of them has a small tail

The color of the breed can be different. The most common color is copper-black. Roosters of the Maran breed have a very beautiful color – it is black with bright red spots, giving off the red. The tail is black, but it casts a blue tint. This color gives elegance to the breed and a special chic. Males, as often happens in nature, are much brighter and more beautiful than females. Maranov has the same thing. Chickens have a simpler look

Generally, the breed has two main types of colors – cuckoo and wheat. The first type can be in gold lead or in silver. At the same time, it is more pronounced in chicken than in roosters

The second type of coloring is a golden tone on the head and neck, black on the whole body. Also in the plumage there are red-brown feathers. Such coloring is, as a rule, roosters. Nesushki same usually light brown

The conditions of Maran’s Maintenance Maranas love space. Therefore, if you decide to breed, then take care of a large paddock. Also they do not really like excessive moisture. In summer, chickens should walk very much in open territory

The food of the breed also has its own characteristics. Cours are fed grain, shell rock, add chalk, boiled fish, grated vegetables.

The breed of chickens “Maran”