The breed of chickens “Leggorn”

The breed of chickens “Leggorn”

Lunghorn chickens were first bred in Italy about two centuries ago. Special chicken and egg quality chickens, at the time of registration of the breed, did not differ. The name of the breed came from the Italian town of Livorno. Breeding the breed, as well as the first attempts to improve it, were undertaken in the United States, where the chicken came half a century later

American poultry breeders crossed the Leygorns with Spanish chickens, as well as representatives of fighting breeds. Interbreeding also crossed with Japanese decorative chickens. In Russia, LEGHORON birds were imported in the 20s of the last century, with the aim of interbreeding and obtaining Russian white breed

The breed of chickens Leggorn

The main characteristics of the breed The color of the tail feathers is usually brown or white, but there are birds with black, pale, blue, variegated and golden shade of feathers

The body of the bird is of medium size and has a wedge shape. Chest differs appreciable depth, it is wide enough, there is a big stomach. The legs are small, very thin, the color of the skin of young hens is yellow, the old one is white. The feather cover is dense, the tail fin is well developed, most feathers at the base of the tail

The breed of chickens Leggorn

The head of a middle-sized chicken with a leaf-shaped erect crest of cocks and hanging in chickens. The color of the eyes of adults is pale yellow, in young adults it is dark orange. There are red earrings. The neck of the hen is long, refined

With proper feeding, the weight of an adult chicken of Leygorn breed reaches 2 kilograms, the weight of the cock can be 3 kilograms or more. Adults are birds that have reached 8-9 months of age

The breed is considered one of the best for breeding in the household, because in addition to a sufficient amount of meat, from each chicken per year, you can get at least 300 eggs. The weight of the egg reaches 55 grams, its color is white. To lay off the first eggs of young chicken begin after they reach 4.5 months, that is, having bought chickens in about a month in April, you can get the first income by the middle of August

Maintenance and care Leggorns are very unpretentious to the conditions of detention, do not require much attention and are easy to care for. For breeding birds it is enough to acquire a warm wooden chicken coop and a small pen

According to statistical indicators, the survival rate of this particular chicken breed is considered to be one of the highest in the world, at 92%. Breeds do not have the instinct of incubation, because it is better to lay eggs under the chickens of other breeds, or use an incubator

Birds perfectly feel themselves in any climatic conditions, perfectly acclimatizing, therefore it is permissible to breed the breed, both in the south and in the north of the country

Feeding So that the bird grows faster and does not hurt it is necessary to monitor the filling of the feeders in the hen house. Dry food should be constantly in the trough, and wet mashrooms is there only for the time of feeding. Birds are not inclined to obesity, therefore it is allowed to use as feed maize and corn flour

Chickens are advisable to be soldered with milk, and in the diet of the monthly chicken there should always be cottage cheese and fresh finely chopped greens. Adult chickens should be given in addition to the usual food eggshell and chalk

Chickens should have constant access to water, the drinking bowl for adult birds must be high enough that they can not climb into it with their feet. To drink small chickens, you should use automatic drinking bowls

At home, the drinking bowl for chickens can be made from a normal tin can upside down, with a small hole in the neck and plates. Having typed in a jar of water you need to cover it with a saucer and not letting go, turn it over. Water will begin to flow into the saucer as it drains.

The breed of chickens “Leggorn”