The breed of chickens “Holosheyna”

The breed of chickens “Holosheyna”

The breed of chickens Holosheyna

The Holocaust breed of chickens refers to the meat-egg type of the kup and is known all over the world. Most often they are found in the countries of Europe and the CIS. Precise information about where this breed was bred is not available

This breed of chickens is highly valued for delicious and nutritious meat and dietary eggs

Economic qualities This breed of chickens is not easy to live and feed, so it is easy to tolerate not only heat, but also severe frosts

In one year, the laying hen can give about 160-180 eggs of white or cream shade. Egg weighs about 60 grams. They rush about once every two to three days

The weight of the roosters is 3-3.5 kg, while the chickens are slightly less than 2 -2.5 kg. Their meat is very tender and tasty, like a turkey

Beginners begin at about 5 months of age, because they grow very fast and mature

Appearance The most important sign of belonging to the breed of goloshes is the absence of feathers on the neck and the skin of a red shade

Feathers are absent not only on the neck, but also in other places of the body – the hips, the lower part of the trunk and under the wings. A hen is considered thoroughbred and good if she has many areas on her body that do not have feathers

Description: – The head is small, but rather wide; – comb leaf-shaped; – The back is long and big; – beak of yellow color; – the breast is rounded and very well developed; – on the back of the head and head there are small and small feathers; – the lobes yx have a white and red hue; – The neck is normal, but not flushed

Chickens moult every year and at this time they completely change the upper layer of the skin

Plumage of this breed can have different shades: black, brown, Colombian, motley, cuckoo

The content of the chickens of a naked breed is very popular with many farmers. These chickens are undemanding in terms of conditions and feed. It is best to keep them in the chicken coop without excess moisture, dampness and drafts and provide them with free walking, as they like to walk and seek food

In order for the chickens to develop well, it is necessary to provide them with adequate nutrition, so that the body gets all the necessary microelements and vitamins

Chickens are very skilful about their offspring, but there are very few good breeding birds among them, so you can lay eggs in an incubator to get a good offspring. Chickens from the first days have a bare neck

Despite the fact that the chickens have very little fluff and they are practically naked, during the frost the neck turns red, becomes bloody, coarsens and becomes resistant to frost

Little chickens grow well and quickly gain weight, keep them as simple as big chickens

To date, a naked breed is becoming more popular every day. Many farmers prefer this breed, because the meat they have is very delicate and tasty, similar to a turkey. All birds are very calm and balanced, they are non-aggressive and do not need any special care

Holoshees are of different shades, so they can satisfy the most demanding people with their attractive appearance.

The breed of chickens “Holosheyna”