The breed of chickens “Gudan”

The breed of chickens “Gudan”

The breed of chickens Gudan

The amazing and unusual beauty of birds attract the attention of fans of decorative rocks. Gudan are famous for their interesting history of origin. In addition to the aesthetic pleasure that a person receives when watching chickens with tufts, the pear has a characteristic tender taste of white meat, as well as a fairly high egg production rate.

Origin of Gudan

France is home to the chickens of this breed. It was here that in 1850 the first representatives of this breed were produced in order to get the tenderest chicken meat. The name was borrowed from the name of the French prefecture. About 10 breeds participated in the selection process. In addition, chickens of the Dorking, Bram and other breeds were additionally applied. In 1870 the breed of Gudan chickens was spread in the territory of Germany, Denmark and other European countries. The Second World War practically destroyed the breed, therefore, on the advent of peacetime, the breeding of the breed resumed almost from scratch.

Nowadays, chickens are bred as decorative, but it is possible to use birds as an egg-and-meat breed. The Gudan chickens have an average egg-laying level, but the meat is highly valued for its palatability.

External characteristics

The breed of chickens Gudan

Chickens of the Gudan breed do not differ in special sizes of the trunk. Particular attention is drawn to the presence of a tuft of fairly large long feathers. On the neck of the bird is a voluminous formation, which is the basis of a wonderful chubchik. The bill is not long, hooked. A saturated, red comb, reminiscent of the shape of the wings of a moth, consists of a pair of identical plates. Side whiskers and part of the feathers under the beak form a chicken beard. The neck is powerful enough and decorated with an additional fluffy feather collar.

The body is wide enough, horizontally located to the floor. An additional feature is the lumbar plumage. The wings are medium. Feathers on the tail are magnificent, slightly arched.

The legs of the chicken are covered with feathers, strong. On the feet are located five fingers. The fifth is slightly raised above the others.

The main colors of the Gudan breed are white, blue, and also black and white. Black and white color of feathers is especially appreciated. In addition, it is easy to identify the rooster and the chicken, since the roosters are predominantly black.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the crest, since there are many hybrids of Gudan chickens on the territory of the Russian Federation. The correctness of the color, as well as the horizontal position of the trunk with respect to the floor, will help to distinguish the representative of the Gudan breed.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to a particularly attractive and sweet species of the described breed, the chickens have a powerful and muscular torso. Thanks to such data, chickens are known for their tender meat.

Chickens of the Gudan breed have a calm character, get used to the owners, and are very peaceful and friendly. In addition to decorative function, chickens are often fattened for meat. For aesthetic purposes, the breed of dwarf Gudanov is optimal.

The growing conditions of the Gudan chickens should be provided with warmth and reliable shelter for the period of cold weather. Given the heat-loving nature of birds, it is recommended to breed them in warm climatic regions. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the sufficiently low survival rate of the young. Features feathers require the arrangement of the coop. The litter should be kept clean and of sufficient density. Such a step will prevent contamination of the bird’s feathers. Birds of white color should be kept in open and free spaces, which will prevent the loss of a beautiful shade and loss of feathers.

Birds do not require a special diet, but nutrition should be enriched during the cold season.

The breed of chickens “Gudan”