The breed of chickens “Broilers”

The breed of chickens “Broilers”

The chickens received their name from the American word “broil”, which means “fried on fire”. This breed was specially put out for slaughter. For 7 weeks, broilers grow to 2.5-3 kg, after which they are sent to the cutting shop, and from there to the store shelves.

Appearance of chicken broilers

Chickens broilers are the final version of the selection tests for chickens. Scientists have received the best version of homemade meat chicken with tender meat and optimal fat content. In appearance, broilers are no different from the usual breeds of chickens, except in size. They are much larger, have better developed breasts and hips. 98% of broilers have a white color, occasionally there are black or brown

Broilers qualitatively differ from other meat breeds by the amount of white meat. In just 6-8 weeks, the chicken gaining weight up to 2 kg. Another distinctive feature of broilers is a nondescript appearance. Indeed, these chickens have no jewelry. They have white plumage, short but strong legs and a small comb

The breed of chickens Broilers

Peculiarities of Breeding Broiler chickens grow very fast. They have a rapid growth at the genetic level. In the first 4-5 weeks, young chickens gain almost 1.5 kg in weight. Such rapid growth rates are achieved through a balanced diet and full-fledged care for young animals

The breed of chickens Broilers

A few words about the food of broilers. The main thing for young individuals is timely nutrition. That is, breaks between meals should not exceed 6 hours

On farms where broilers are bred, people make sure that every chick gets enough food. Individuals experiencing problems with self-feeding, experts are fed from a pipette

The first weeks of chickens are fed 6-8 times a day. The food includes cottage cheese, milk and boiled eggs with bird food, consisting of corn, crushed wheat and barley

Cultivation on the farm and at home At home, when broilers are grown, the following rules must be observed:

1. The room should be well ventilated and not be cold in the winter.

2. Pay special attention to the thermal insulation of the floor.

3. Quality waterproofing of the room.

On these three whales, the process of growing broilers is maintained. The premise, constructed according to the rules described above, must be disinfected and washed before placing the hens

Ventilate the room for several days and fill the floor with lime at a rate of 1 kg per 1m2. As a litter, several materials can be used: wood sawdust, fibrous peat or shavings

Remember, the litter needs to be changed regularly. As the growth of chickens, the litter will have to be changed more and more, since the amount of waste will increase with broilers

Closely monitor the humidity in the room. It should not exceed 60% for chickens. After 3 weeks, the humidity in the barn can be raised to 65-70%. As for the temperature regime, broilers are very susceptible to swings. The temperature should not be below 28 and above 35 degrees

The breed of chickens Broilers

Farmer broiler farming is not much different from home farming. That is, the requirements for the premises are the same. The only difference between farm production and household is its scale and the need to keep a parent in a separate room

The parent race is an adult that gives offspring. His selection should be treated carefully, because the viability of the younger generation depends on the health of the parents

In parental birth the kurai contain approximately in the following ratio: 1 cock per 10 chickens. The parent should be kept in the same conditions as the young.

The breed of chickens “Broilers”