The breed of chickens “Ameraucana”

The breed of chickens “Ameraucana”

The breed of chickens Ameraucana

The unusual and exotic breed of chickens of Ameraukan is distinguished by the amazing color of the eggs of the bluish and olive hue. In addition to the amazing color of eggs, the poultry breeders distinguish the following qualities: the taste of meat, as well as a high rate of productivity.

The name of the breed comes from the assimilation of the words “American” and Araucan. Where the latter is the name of one of the breeds of representatives of the chicken family.

Origin of the breed

The homeland of the breed is the United States, which you can partially guess from the name. The breed managed to get in the process of combining the genetic data of chickens prevalent in the US at the end of the twentieth century and Araucan. The fair in Montreal, where samples of chickens carrying greenish and blue eggs were presented, stimulated the poultry farmers to start breeding such a breed. Officially, the breed was registered only in 1984.

Thanks to the amazing coloring of the eggshell, the breed received the second name Easter. It should be mentioned that in America so called those breeds of chickens that produce eggs of unconventional color. Poultry producers do not agree with this fact, because the breed meets its high standards with its physical data, taking into account all the main indicators and qualities of the form and color.

The breed of chickens Ameraucana

General characteristics

According to the American Poultry Association, the breed is characterized by 8 officially registered species of color. The main ones are black, white, blue and silver, wheat, and also such combined shades as red-brown, golden-blue, rich-yellow. It is worth mentioning the presence of lavender color.

In addition to the standard breed, poultry breeders managed to bring out decorative – bentam. A distinctive feature is the small size of birds.

The breed of chickens Ameraucana

Features of chickens Ameraucan

Visually Ameraukan birds are distinguished by the presence of bundles of feathers on the head, growing out of the auricles. The head of a chicken is hidden under feathery whiskers and a beard. The legs of the bird at the base differ in an unusual gray or bluish tinge. Chicken Ameraukana has expressive brown eyes.

The tops of the crest resemble peas. The lobes of the ears are small red. The brightness of the color is easy to determine the cock.

The size of the tail does not differ in its size. The tail of the cock has an arcuate shape.

This breed is distinguished by the presence of a powerful, curved beak.

Due to the strong wings of impressive size Ameraukan chickens are distinguished by the ability to fly.

One of the bright distinctive qualities is the color gamut of eggs. Eggshell is varied from gray to olive shades.

Chickens of Ameraukan has a fairly large list of advantages, which makes it known and quite common in the poultry industry.


– eggs of various colors;

– high egg production (about 250 eggs per year);

– taste characteristics of meat;

– lack of rigidity;

– resistant to temperature changes;

– calm and peaceful nature;

Among the shortcomings of the breed should be noted inadequate levels of incubation. In addition, the roosters of this breed sometimes show aggression towards humans and other birds.

Cultivation of chickens of Ameraucan breed

The optimal age of the chicks should be at least 2 weeks. It is necessary to exclude their hypothermia during transportation. The cell should be selected the appropriate size, given the intensive growth. For active growth, it is necessary to ensure the availability of light around the clock.

To feed the chicks, starting feed is suitable.

Raw water is suitable for drinking.

Adult fodder should be fed 2 times a day.

The breed of chickens “Ameraucana”