The breed of chicken “Welder”

The breed of chicken “Welder”

The breed of chicken Welder

Welder is a meat-egg breed of chickens. This breed was bred in Holland in the early 20th century. It arose thanks to the crossing of local and fighting hens. They were then crossed with barnvelders, Malay chickens and rod-ayland, resulting in a brownish shade. After all these experiments, the turned-out chickens were crossed in a new way, with the local ones, and so a new breed appeared – a welmer. The breed received its name from a small, small village in Holland

Economic qualities These eggs have large eggs, having an oval-circular shape. The weight of each egg is about 70-80 grams. They are carried very well, regardless of the season – a good weariness even in winter

This breed is very comfortable and easy to grow – the chickens grow quickly, they are hardy and early-maturing. Nasizhivayutsya bad, so you have to use incubators for the emergence of a new offspring

The users are calm, so they will not give problems. In the case of fattening on meat, a good amount of

The standard is a description of the Welzmer Breed – it is a meat-egg breed that has an average gravity. The body is cylindrical and at the same time has a three-dimensional shape. Plumage is dense and in addition, it is very dense, the color of it is slightly rusty

Description of the breed: – the ear lobes are of medium length, as well as the amygdala; – tummy is a little voluminous, and also short and at the same time wide; – large red-orange eyes; – paws of yellow color and medium size; – The neck is of medium length and the feathers on it develop very poorly; – The beak is yellow and medium in size; – wide and low chest, well rounded and slightly bent; – wide and long back, and feathering on it dense; – slightly rounded tail; – the wings are well pressed and closed; – low-set trunk; – The beard is short and has a slightly rounded shape; – medium-sized head; – there are no plumage on the head; – a large comb with denticles, simple; – Thighs strong, well open and protruding under plumage

The weight of an adult cock is about 3-3.5 kg, but the weight of a chicken is slightly less – two or two and a half kilograms. Eggs have a dark brown color of the shell with a slight sheen, and a weight of 65 grams. During the year, chickens can demolish approximately 110 to 130 eggs per year

Roosters of this breed have feathers predominantly red, tail black with a little green, a chest of dark brown color

The chickens of the users have a light brown hue, and on the back there are bands of brown color

Chickens reach sexual maturity in 5,5-6 months


The breed of chicken Welder

A dwarf species of the rock was discovered in 1930. Shells are red-brown, and eggs have a size of up to 50 grams. The size is slightly smaller than that of standard chickens. Their body is rather voluminous and long. The back is wide. In chickens, the lower part is wide, and the posterior part of the body is rather well developed. They are orange, silver and brown. This breed of chickens is very popular in Holland, but in Russia it is still little known. Many poultry-lovers appreciate this breed of hens for a good egg laying and in the case of fattening on meat, they produce good carcasses.

The breed of chicken “Welder”