Than useful quail eggs

Than useful quail eggs

Than useful quail eggs

Quail eggs since ancient times were considered a curative product. And although in recent years this fact has been questioned by some dietitians, the authority of quail eggs has not faltered, has stood up and only consolidated its position in medical nutrition.

The use of quail eggs is as follows:

– the content of vit. is double, in comparison with chicken eggs. And, vit. PP and B vitamins;

– the content of the most important mineral substances (Ca, Mg, P, K, etc.) is five times higher than in chicken eggs;

– the presence of essential amino acids (lysine, threonine, tyrosine, etc.).

Due to the presence of the above substances, quail eggs have a beneficial effect on:

– the liver and kidneys (they make them clean);

– pancreas (normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract);

– musculoskeletal system (strengthen the skeleton, relieve fragility of the nails and hair);

– the immune system (increase the body’s resistance to external negative factors)

– an excretory system (relieve the body of radionuclides).

In addition to all of the above, it should be noted that quail eggs are an indispensable product in pregnancy, not only because it contains many useful substances, but also because it reduces the manifestation of toxicosis.

For women, it will be interesting to know that the yolk of quail eggs is used in cosmetology as a substance contributing to the improvement of the quality and color of the skin. This was made possible by the presence in the eggs of these birds of the amino acid tyrosine.

It is not superfluous to note the benefits of quail eggs for men. For the first time drew attention to the medicinal properties of this product observant Japanese. As a result of biochemical analyzes it was proved that the action of quail eggs is akin to the action of Viagra. The Germans took this into service, supplementing the daily diet with 3-4 eggs, washed down with home-made tincture on walnut septums.

Quail eggs are especially useful for children. However, it is worth remembering that, although they are not an active allergen, this product should not appear in the baby’s diet before reaching 1 year. For a growing organism, quail eggs are a storehouse of vitamins and microelements, so necessary for the normal growth and development of the baby. Scientists noted that children who regularly consume this product, more easily learn new information, they get better memory, eyesight is strengthened, the nervous system becomes more stable (ie the child is less prone to hysterics, whims). The appearance of the quail eggs itself was created especially for the child: its small size is in harmony with the small size of the baby, and simple spot on the shell attracts the children’s attention and causes appetite.

In what form is it better to consume quail eggs, in order to preserve their useful properties as much as possible? There are several options. The first, the most common, boil eggs and consume them either hard-boiled, or soft-boiled, or in a pouch. Of these three types of cooking eggs most preserves nutrients, trace elements and vitamins the third – the egg in the pouch. To cook the egg in this way, it is necessary to put it in cool water, bring it to a boil and immediately remove it from the heating surface. Soak the egg in boiling water for another 30 seconds and transfer it to ice water. As a result, the pathogens of various diseases, concentrated mainly on the shell of the egg, will perish, and the egg itself will remain useful.

It is most useful to consume eggs in raw form, but this can be done only if you are sure of their origin and guarantee the absence of pathogens of salmonella and tuberculosis in them.

Than useful quail eggs

Than useful quail eggs