Terskaya breed of horses

Terskaya breed of horses

Terskaya breed of horses appeared in 1921 by crossing Arab horses with the best Russian breeds in Terek and Stavropol plants, one of which gave the name to this remarkable breed. Before the breeders, who were engaged in breeding Terek horses, the task was to create a hardy and unpretentious breed, while capable of reproduction and possessing a truly artistic grace!

As a result of crossing, a horse of unusual beauty was obtained, possessing a noble and even airy tread with a strong and muscular complexion. Officially the Terek breed of horses was registered in 1948.

And for today the leading place of cultivation of the Terskoe breed of horses continues to be the Stavropol Territory, although they are bred in small quantities in other Russian cities. The leading farm for growing Tersk horses is the Stavropol stud farm.

Terskaya breed of horses

Characteristics of the bored breed

The horse of the Terek breed has a smoky color with a silvery tinge, rarely a bay or reddish. Profile straight, refined and slightly flattened. The horse has pointed ears of medium size and large shining eyes. This breed is characterized by the presence of a long neck and protruding withers.

The body is convex and long, broad abdomen, flat croup and high tail, which when beautifully separated. Terskaya breed has strong legs of regular shape, as well as long forearms and strong hocks. The hooves of the Tersk horse breed are strong and well-formed. The average height of the Terek horse is 152 cm, while the mare is 150 cm. The fur on the Tersky horse is shiny and silky.

The horses of the Terek breed are distinguished by excellent health and the highest level of fertility. In addition, they have a good-natured and uncomplaining character, are very smart, are hardworking and strong.

Terskaya breed of horses

Use of the Terek breed of horses

The most frequent use of Terek horses is equestrian competitions, hiking, private walks. Tersk horses are used in the army for saddles and harnesses.

The participation of the Terek horses in equestrian competitions has made it possible to achieve significant results. Tersk stallions Terskol, Dnepr, Steyter, Tskheti have often been leaders in triathlon.

In addition, Terek horses are talented artists. After all, they participate in circus performances and on film sites. In this case, the choice fell on this breed is not accidental, because it has a lot of energy, and this is very important in the speeches. In addition, stallions of this breed are very stately, graceful and beautiful, and these are important qualities for artists!

Do not forget that the obedient temper of the Terek stallions is easy to train. Thus, the positive characteristics that Tersky horses award are not counted among them and the magnificent artists, the best athletes and wonderful circus performers!

To date, the demand for Terek horses is very large. It is indisputable that the growth of commercial relations and the area of popularization of the Terek horses will increase. This can be favored by the development of both financial and human relations in the modern life of the society.

And it is possible that a terraced horse will be grown in large quantities for both breeding purposes, entertainment, participation in equestrian sports competitions, and simply to please the private general aesthetic desires of collectors and horse lovers.

Terskaya breed of horses