Variety of strawberries “Alba” (Albion)

Variety description This strawberry variety was bred in Italy by a company that performs work on the selection of this berry. In Russia, Alba appeared in the mid-2000s. At this time, it […]

Strawberry variety “Elizabeth”

One of the bright representatives of the repairing varieties is the strawberry variety “Elizabeth”. High yield makes this strawberry popular among gardeners. Berries ripen large, small yields with proper care is almost […]

Repaired strawberry

Repaired strawberry differs from ordinary plant varieties in that, immediately after the completion of the 1st fruiting, it is able to give a full yield again. For this reason, the berry is […]

Variety of strawberries “Asia”

Characteristic of the variety Strawberry Asia was bred by Italian breeders and already in 2005 began to spread rapidly. This variety well resists many diseases of the root system, and also rarely […]

Variety of strawberries “Festival”

This variety was bred as far back as 1950, but it is enjoyed by gardeners today. This is all due to the fact that the strawberry “Festival” has many positive qualities Variety […]

Strawberry variety “Lord”

With what impatience, both children and adults are waiting for the ripening of strawberries. Only the snow will come down, the first flowers will blossom, and then the buds on the berry […]

Strawberry variety “Kimberly”

Strawberry variety “Kimberly” is very popular, the variety appeared in Holland. This kind of berry has a powerful root system and strong bushes. The plants are squat, low. On the bushes there […]

Planting strawberries in spring

Strawberries are loved by representatives of all generations. Not a single country plot can not do without this berry. However, in order to get a big harvest every year, you need to […]

Strawberry variety “Honey”

Strawberry variety “Honey” was bred in the US, named because of the sweet taste of berries. The root system of the bushes is thick and thick. The leaves of the plant are […]

Strawberry variety “Gigantella”

Strawberry is such a berry that almost all people like. Any garden will look more beautiful with this plant. Of course, it’s good to have a lot of it and a big […]

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