Strawberry variety “Lord”

Strawberry variety “Lord”

Strawberry variety Lord

With what impatience, both children and adults are waiting for the ripening of strawberries. Only the snow will come down, the first flowers will blossom, and then the buds on the berry will ripen. Of course, I want the berry to be fragrant, sweet, large and that it was a lot. But not every kind of strawberry can justify such expectations

Experienced gardener do not rely on blind luck, but competently choose varieties that meet all their requirements. That is why one of the favorite varieties of strawberries became the Lord – a representative of British breeding

Characteristics of the variety The lord has a strong, erect, tall bush, whose leaves are saturated green, with jagged edges

On fertile soil and in sufficient light, such shrubs can reach 60 cm. Because of this, he needs a garter, because, at times, so many berries ripen on such bushes, that it is difficult for flower stalks to hold them

The berries are bright red, very large, conical in shape. The taste is sweet, with a fraction of pleasant acidity, is distinguished by a delicate aroma

The variety is characterized by abundant harvests – under favorable weather conditions and due care, from one bush it is possible to harvest 2-3 kg of berries

In order to mature such large berries and give a generous harvest, strawberries need time, so the Lord is considered the middle-end variety. Berries do not ripen quickly, and with time the maturation period increases

Place and soil for berries An important role in the formation of bushes and their subsequent growth is the choice of location. Strawberry does not tolerate the lowlands at all. Stagnant moisture, lack of sunlight – all this will negatively affect the future harvest and the Lord will not be able to show his true qualities

Preferably plant young bushes on the slopes

It is better to plant outlets at the very beginning of spring. Later disembarkation will lead to long-term survival, and even disease

The soil in this place should be well-fertilized, processed, dug up, that is, prepared for planting. In such soil, and should be planted young seedlings

It should be recalled that the kidney should not be covered with earth, and the bush itself should be on the same level with the soil

Plant berries in rows, however, the variety Lord has too large leaves, he has a lot of berries, so it is preferable for him to use the chess kind of planting. It is not necessary to make impassable thickets from a bed with a berry – this makes processing very difficult, and light, sometimes, does not reach all


Strawberry variety Lord

Care for this variety should be the same as for other varieties of strawberries:

    it is necessary to weed the planting, otherwise the grass can simply crush the young rosettes; do not allow the drying of the soil, if there is not enough natural precipitation, the berry should be watered; after watering, you need to loosen the planting so that the land around the bush does not crust; so that the soil around the bush retains moisture, it should follow the planting. As a mulch, straw, mowed grass (without ears), pine needles and other organic materials are suitable; To preserve the strength for fruiting, the mustache is regularly removed from the bush; take measures to combat insects. Especially near the strawberry bushes like to build nests of ants. Therefore, the place around the rosette should be treated with a drug that repels these insects; strawberries need protection not only from insects, but also from birds – this should not be forgotten. Now on sale there are various nets, which protect berries from bird raids, it is recommended to use them; for high fruiting in the following years, after harvest the berry should be well fed; In winter it is necessary to provide beds with abundant snow cover. If there is not enough snow, it is necessary to pour it.

Sort Lord for a gardener is a real gift, however, in order to get the most out of it, you need to make some efforts.

Strawberry variety “Lord”