Strawberry variety “Kimberly”

Strawberry variety “Kimberly”

Strawberry variety Kimberly

Strawberry variety “Kimberly” is very popular, the variety appeared in Holland. This kind of berry has a powerful root system and strong bushes. The plants are squat, low. On the bushes there are a few oval leaves, the surface of which is glossy.

Inflorescences are located closer to the ground, under the leaves. Unlike other varieties, whiskers do not grow so intensely, but still need to remove them. Proper care for the plant will increase yield.

The berries are large, there are practically no small fruits. The shape of the strawberry tapers to the outside of the berry. Fruit of scarlet color, glossy. The aroma of fruits is pleasant, the taste is sweet, with a caramel shade. Strawberries contain a lot of sugar, but the taste remains fresh and not sugary at all.

On average, the mass of one berry is 45-50 grams, from one bush you can collect up to two kilograms of sweet fruits. Transporting berries is not difficult, they are resistant to minor mechanical effects. The first harvest in early June. The flesh of the berries remains dense and does not gain excess water even during the rainy season.

Plant shrubs are necessary in early spring or autumn, this will allow the plant to settle down well. Strawberry is resistant to severe climate, frost and a variety of diseases. Badly this variety tolerates a drought, with a lack of moisture you need to water the plant.

Especially watering is necessary after planting, it is recommended to moisturize every day. After the bushes take root, watering is carried out at least once a week. The soil should be periodically loosened, providing oxygen access to the root system, the weeds must be removed.

Despite frost resistance, plants are nevertheless recommended to cover for the winter period. As a plant protection, you can use stalks of sunflower or branches of coniferous trees. This technique will provide protection from severe frosts and prevent snow from getting into the root system.

For planting strawberries, it is better to choose a flat surface. Protect the plant from the wind is desirable, for this you need to choose a site for planting with a slope. Many choose the area in the South of the site, this is a good option if there is no inclination. Do not allow the soil to dry out, this will lead to a decrease in yield or even to the death of the plant.

When planting it is beneficial to use a variety of herbicides. To multiply the strawberries you can take any outlet, all the sockets perfectly preserve the mother signs. It is not recommended to use this method constantly. It is better to periodically update the beds with strawberries from the nursery, this will help improve the site and increase yield.

In any case, plants accumulate a whole complex of diseases, and accordingly the selected sockets are carriers of diseases. In the first year, the mustache develops poorly the root system, it is better to leave it for another year to mature. It is best to disembark a site that is well lit.

Strawberry variety Kimberly

It is allowed to plant a number of strawberries of different varieties. There is a widespread opinion that in this case pollination of plants takes place, but this process does not occur during reproduction by whiskers.

A small crop can be harvested already in the first year, so it is recommended to make planting in early spring. Often, the rows between the bushes are covered with a special cloth, which eliminates the need to carry out weeding, retains moisture and eliminates soil adherence to berries.

The berries are very tasty and are eaten fresh. Strawberry is dense, it is very good to make jam and compotes. All berries are almost the same size, they are symmetrical. An excellent dessert variety, high yield will provide berries in full. This brand is the market leader in the market, strawberry is one of the first to mature.

Strawberry variety “Kimberly”