Strawberry variety “Honey”

Strawberry variety “Honey”

Strawberry variety Honey

Strawberry variety “Honey” was bred in the US, named because of the sweet taste of berries. The root system of the bushes is thick and thick. The leaves of the plant are long and reach 20 cm, on one cuttings three leaves

Vegetation at the plant begins in early March. The flowering period starts in May and lasts about two weeks. Harvest can be collected already in early June and fruiting lasts about 15 days. The shape of the fruit is ideal conical, the berries are large, young plants do not bear small berries

The surface of the berries is glossy, and the weight of the strawberry reaches an average of 30 g. The flesh of the berries is uniform, red. With regular watering, the strawberry ripens juicy. Fresh berries are not recommended to be stored for more than three days, after the berries deteriorate, the pulp is compressed, the moisture begins to come out, the appearance changes. Fruits are not afraid of transportation over long distances. This variety has a high yield with proper care and timely updating of the site

Strawberry variety Honey

The plant reproduces mustaches, which appear in the second half of June. The plant is resistant to diseases and frosts, but nevertheless it is necessary to cover the bushes for the winter period. The plant does not tolerate drought, after planting it needs abundant watering, but excess moisture also negatively affects the root system

Select the site for planting is better flat, the slope will drain the roots and the plant may die. Many things depend on the preparation of the land, it is necessary to dig a site to a depth of at least 20 cm and let the earth stand. Soil must be fertilized with sulphate and organic fertilizers. Plant shrubs unnecessarily close one to one, preferably at a distance of not less than 50 cm between rows, to retreat from the bush you need to 30 cm

Plant seedlings better in autumn or early spring. For planting it is better to choose a cloudy day, then the plant will better transfer the period of adaptation. Long roots are better to shorten and before landing in the ground lower into the chat. You need to make a hole depth of at least 12 cm. The groove should be loosened, so that the roots can grow and not die

After the bush is immersed in the hole and covered with earth, the top becomes denser. The top layer of the earth should be sprinkled with peat or humus. Plant after planting should be poured with soft water. To get a good strawberry you need to water the first week daily, after enough once a week

To collect a good harvest you need to properly care for bushes. Watch for watering, do not allow soil to dry out and excess moisture. The land between the rows can be covered with special material, which will ensure the cleanliness of the site, exclude the adhesion of land to berries

It is necessary to regularly feed the plant and monitor the stability of the strawberry to various diseases. The plant tolerates the climatic conditions of Russia, but for winter it is better to cover the bushes with straw and thereby prevent the plants from freezing

Strawberry bushes of this sort differ in their height, they are above average. The foliage has a dark green hue, the outside is glossy. The bush is strong, large berries do not fall to the ground. The shape of the berry is conical, the surface is shiny, the color of the rich scarlet comes to the bard shade

The taste is rich, aromatic, the berry is often used for cooking all kinds of desserts, for freezing. Fruits are also suitable for the preparation of preserves and compotes. The taste is sweet, but not cloying. It is for sweetness that this grade of berries is valued

This plant reproduces with the help of a mustache, but it is better to leave them for a year, because the root system of such shoots is underdeveloped. It is necessary that the roots develop well, then the strawberry will quickly take root. It is better to buy seedlings in proven nurseries or farms

When buying, you need to carefully study the root system, often unscrupulous sellers keep seedlings in the water for a long time to prolong the life of the plant. Because of the excess of moisture, the root can rot and of course plant such a bush unnecessary.

Strawberry variety “Honey”