Strawberry variety “Gigantella”

Strawberry variety “Gigantella”

Strawberry is such a berry that almost all people like. Any garden will look more beautiful with this plant. Of course, it’s good to have a lot of it and a big berry

Ogorodniki like to grow such a strawberry variety as Gigantella. Although it requires more careful care and attention will also need more. If you follow all the rules of care and cultivation of this plant, then you will get an excellent crop from your garden. And the fruits will not only be sweet, but also large in size.

Uniqueness of the Giantella strawberry

Dutch breeders brought out this variety. She once loved people, since it has a large volume, weighs about a hundred grams. The flesh is not only juicy, but also dense. The taste is a little like pineapple

Strawberry of this variety can be easily transported over long distances. In appearance, the berries are very beautiful. Bright red color is interspersed with white speckles of seeds. Shrubs are from a height of half a meter. Therefore, for better harvesting, it takes one square meter to plant four strawberry bushes

Gigantella loves light, so it must be planted on the sunny side of the site. Often do not change the transplant. Eight years she will calmly grow in the same place

Cons of the strawberry giant After the ripening fruit quickly depart. Dimensions of the berry will impress anyone. Although it can hardly be attributed to minuses

Strawberry variety Gigantella

But it is necessary to water this plant very often, but you can not pour it too. Therefore, before watering it is necessary to check the soil under the bushes with your finger. To not fill the garden at all. And then you will not gather any harvest

Pros of growing Giantella berries Blossoms strawberries in May, and the first ripe fruit can be tried in late May or early June. Since the berries after the flowers appear in two weeks. The plant bush is thick and powerful. Their diameter can reach sixty centimeters. Berries in length reach up to ten centimeters. They have the right form, and they have no fear of illness.

How to make a fertilizing plant

    If you planted just strawberry bushes, then in the first year you can not fertilize the land with nitrogenous substances. After all, the fruit can become covered with rotten spots. And the leaves will begin to grow faster, and this can not be tolerated. Therefore, the fertilizer should be only potassium or phosphorus, which are introduced into the soil in early spring. A year later you can use ammonium nitrate. For the third year, superphosphates can be added.

Strawberry variety Gigantella

Do not forget that after adding fertilizing, you should systematically water the bed.

Courting for strawberries Gigantella

After melting snow, all bushes of the plant are processed: dry leaves are removed, sprayed with a little pesticides. Then on a bed it is possible to disperse a peel from an onion. It will not only be fertilizer, but also a medicinal product. And after the growth of bushes fertilizers are added

A good assistant in the cultivation of strawberries is often considered pine needles or spruce. Fall asleep under the bushes between the rows. So it will be longer to keep moisture in the soil, fertilizer and protection from many kinds of diseases

Strawberry variety Gigantella

For a larger crop, the mustache must be cut in time

Preventive actions against diseases In order that the plant does not get sick it is recommended to treat it with a suspension of horse sorrel. To do this, a simple bucket fills the grass with horse sorrel, then pour boiling water. Let it brew for two days. And then spray the strawberry bushes. It will be a good fertilizer

The main thing is to do everything with love and then you will get a good harvest of strawberries. Beautiful and sweet fruits can be eaten fresh, but also used for harvesting for the winter. For example, it produces fragrant jam and jam. You can also prepare compote.

Strawberry variety “Gigantella”