Strawberry processing in spring

Strawberry processing in spring

The first thing that makes a gardener who returned to his favorite household plot after winter is the treatment of strawberry bushes. But not everyone understands that productivity depends on correct processing. In addition, such work does not require significant labor costs

Processing Rules

Strawberry processing in spring

Ogorodniki with the experience after the tender cover melted and warm sunny days come, armed with a shovel and chopper. They make the standard treatment that their parents used. To do this, first remove the top layer of the soil

Then remove all the dried leaves, make top dressing, loosen the ground and pour it. After that, manipulations are made to control pests using various solutions. Such processing does not lead to anything good

As a result, the beds become defenseless before the aggressive spring sun. And for the first sunny days they are crusted. The soil, which has become covered with crust, again has to be loosened, etc. This requires considerable physical expenditure and time. But this does not mean that such work can not be done. You can, if you do not mind your time and effort

Strawberry processing in spring

But if you do not have the time or you want to spend it more fruitfully, you can use a more efficient way. In order to bring strawberry beds after wintering in order it is necessary:

    to mow one mulch that did not rot during the winter; to put in order the borders of the garden bed; carry out fertilizing with organic or mineral fertilizers; conduct processing of shrubs biopreparations and chemicals, preventing diseases; carry out mulching; remove all unnecessary and bring beds in a beautiful view.

Many people wonder why remove mulch. The fact is that if it is not removed, the soil will warm up much more slowly. And in warm soil the roots of strawberries come to life faster, and the plant grows

Spring top dressing In order for green leaflets to appear on bushes faster, they need to be fed. If you think the use of mineral fertilizers is not acceptable for your site, you can use one of the following solutions (all given in terms of 10 liters of water)

1 tablespoon of nitroammophoski;

2 cups of Mullein and 1 tablespoon of ammonium sulfate.

No less popular feeding is the infusion of chicken manure (1:12), Mullein (1: 10_ or nettles (the leaves of young nettles are filled with warm water and infused for 3 days)

Fertilizer is applied directly under the bush. Do not allow the solution to fall on the leaves of the strawberry bushes.

Mulching and processing from pests

Strawberry processing in spring

Those gardeners who are not afraid of chemistry, use such drugs as “Caesar” and “Taurus.” Those who prefer organic, use “Akrofit” and “Fitoverm”. When using biologics, remember that they are effective only if the temperature is above 18 degrees Celsius

Another way to prevent pests is hot water. It is heated to a temperature of 60-65 degrees and watered the bushes through gauze or a sieve with small cells. It is important that water during the watering does not cool down and evenly distributed over the leaves. This method not only prevents the appearance of pests, but also contributes to rapid growth

After the warm days are established, you can start mulching strawberry beds. The most effective option is the use of pine needles and pine trees. Such mulch prevent plant diseases

Strawberry processing in spring

No less popular as mulch and straw. It well passes water, and at the same time prevents the rotting of fruits. But there is a threat of slugs and other unpleasant pests

The question remains, what to do with last year’s leaves? The answer is simple. After some time they will disappear, while at the same time they will perform the role of mulch, providing the plant with an optimal microclimate.

Strawberry processing in spring