Unconscious strawberry

Strawberries are a herbaceous plant of the Pink family. Everyone knows this berry, it is distinguished by its sweet taste and wonderful aroma. The seeds of this plant were first discovered in […]

Variety of strawberry “Zephyr”

Probably, every summer resident has at least a small garden with strawberry strawberries, which in everyday life are used to call strawberries. After all, this is the very first berry that ripens […]

Variety of strawberry “Zenga Zengana”

The variety of strawberry Zenga Zengana has an interesting history of origin. He was bred by the famous German doctor R. Von Zengbusch in 1953. Initially in 1942, the breeders faced the […]

Planting wild strawberry in spring

The best time to plant strawberries on your own land is the early spring, when the weather was warm enough on the street, but the weather was not yet hot, and the […]

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