Spinach growing from seeds

Spinach growing from seeds

Spinach is a plant that appeared not so long ago in summer cottages, but has already gained popularity. It is a part of many dietary dishes. The use of spinach is a component of many weight loss programs.

The plant can be eaten almost to all people. However, because of the novelty of the culture, not every gardener knows how to grow spinach by planting seeds in the open ground.

Spinach growing from seeds

Choosing the soil

The site where you plan to grow spinach from seeds, you should start preparing in the fall. It should be digested and fertilized. It can be rotted manure or compost.

In the early spring, when the snow had not yet come down, urea granules should be scattered at the site where spinach is planned to be grown. Spinach grows with pleasure on loose, fertile soils. Through the ground, moisture and air should pass well. The earth, which tends to harden and crust on the surface, is not suitable for growing spinach.

Acidic soil is not suitable for growing spinach by planting seeds in soil openings. He would like to grow on a neutral ground, with small deviations in one direction or the other.

Spinach growing from seeds

Spinach will taste the sunny places. However, if the summer was too hot, then the plant should be grown in the shade.

Seed sowing

That the seeds of spinach better sprouted, they should be kept in water for 1 to 2 days. During the procedure, the water needs to be changed several times. Before planting the seeds should be dried. Buy spinach seeds only in specialized stores. Before buying, be sure to check the expiration date.

A high quality planting material will yield a plentiful harvest. Planting seeds is necessary when the lilac buds are pierced. Usually planting spinach is carried out in March – April. The planting material is placed in small grooves, previously spilled with water.

There should be a minimum of 20 cm between rows. Spinach should be planted several times per season. This will allow to have always fresh, juicy vegetables on the table. Experts advise to plant the seeds of spinach in the beds. So they can warm up more quickly, and the skirts do not allow moisture to quickly escape into the soil.

Spinach growing from seeds

Spinach is resistant to frost. The plant is able to withstand a decrease in temperature to – 6-8 degrees. Already on 20 – 25 days after the appearance of the first shoots, spinach is ready for consumption. Re-sowing of plant seeds is carried out in May-June.

However, if the weather turns out to be too hot, the spinach will quickly release the arrows, and its leaves will become stiff and unfit for consumption. Arrows can also appear if plants are planted too often. Spinach shoots must be thinned, leaving a distance of at least 15 to 20 cm between adjacent sprouts.

Care for spinach

The main tasks of gardening for the care of spinach are to timely watering, loosening the soil, removing weeds and applying fertilizer. An ideal temperature for the growth and development of plants is considered to be 18-25 degrees. If the street gets hotter, the spinach leaves become stiff and tasteless.

Gardener must timely watering. Spinach is sensitive to the amount of moisture. Drying will adversely affect the plant.

You can not allow the formation of an earth crust over the roots of the plant. Spinach should receive a sufficient amount of air. For this reason, after watering or heavy rain, the soil above the roots of the plant must be loosened. Weeds should be removed as they appear.

Spinach growing from seeds