Species of quail

English black quail breed

Birds of the English black quail breed became popular in Russia in the early 1970s. Coloring of these quails is diverse: there are both dark blue, and light gray and orange individuals. […]

Estonian domestic quail breed

Breed The Estonian domestic quail was obtained as a result of selection from three subspecies of quails: Japanese, English white and Pharaoh. As a result, with the crossing of breeds characterized by […]

The quail breed “Pharaoh texas white”

The Texas quail “Pharaoh” of white color belongs to the meat breed of quails. They are also known as quail albino. The breeding of these birds was carried out by agronomists, breeders […]

English white breed of quails

Of all the known to date breeds, the white English quail breed is considered the most promising. For the first time these birds were excreted on the territory of England by the […]

Virgin quail breed

Virgin quails are small in size, their beaks are short, slightly high, slightly compressed on both sides, the tips of the supraclip are curved, the edges of the incisions with several notches. […]

Quail the ordinary

The ancestor of all the breeds of domesticated quail is the quail. From it as a result of selection, rocks with high egg production and increased body weight were obtained due to […]

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