Species of geese

Large gray geese

A large gray breed of geese was obtained by crossing the Roma and Toulouse rocks with the subsequent selection of the best specimens with a large live weight and high egg production. […]

Chinese geese

The Chinese goose is the “ancestor” of a wild goose bug, domesticated many centuries ago in Manchuria, China, and on the territory of our country, Siberia. Currently, this breed has become widespread […]

Tula breed of geese

Breeding poultry is a profitable business. The basis of good poultry farming is a breed of bird that is going to be taken out. The breeding of geese is gaining popularity. It […]

The Land of Geese

Land geese were bred in France in the early twentieth century, based on Toulouse geese. In the Soviet Union the land breed of geese was introduced for the first time 40 years […]

The breed of geese “Legart”

Agriculture in our country is experiencing not the best of times – the content of cows and pigs does not give the desired result. Therefore, households predictably moved toward keeping the birds. […]

Emden breed of geese

The Emden breed was bred in the ancient German city of Emden where the name came from, in the 19th century. Geese of this breed on the pasture are well fattened and […]

Hungarian geese

Poultry farming has always been a very popular and profitable activity. Breeding poultry helps increase supply in the avian market, and making a profit. An honorable place in the economy is occupied […]

Pereyaslavskaya breed of geese

In the territory of the former Soviet Union, more than 50 different breeds of geese were bred, which allowed Russia to become one of the first places in the world to produce […]

Lindovsky breed of geese

Poultry has always been a decoration table in every family. Chicken and goose are especially appreciated. In this case, geese are larger birds in size, and are needed not only for the […]

Toulouse geese

Home geese of Toulouse breed are formed by selection of ordinary geese in the territory of the city of Toulouse. In addition to selecting this breed, excellent conditions of keeping and feeding […]

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