Sort of apples “Melba”

Sort of apples “Melba”

Sort of apples Melba

The apple variety Melba was first obtained in the late nineteenth century in Canada. This variety is not suitable for severe frosts and winds. Trees of medium height, crown round. Color of the bark brown with an orange tinge

A young tree, up to one year old, has disproportionate shapes and thick branches. Blossoms apple-tree with large flowers of pinkish hue. Leaves are elongated oval in shape, sometimes convex. The color of the leaf is green, it turns yellow over time, the edges of the leaves are uneven, jagged, carelessly hanging down

Apples are large, small fruits practically do not happen. The shape of the fruit is conical with an implicitly pronounced ribbing. The weight of one apple can reach 200 grams. The surface of the fruit is glossy and smooth. The apple that is ripe has a greenish tinge with a loose scarlet blush that covers almost all the apple

Subcutaneous dots have a white color and stand out clearly on the red part of the apple. The capsule with seeds is located not in the center, but closer to the peduncle. Seeds are oblong brown. The flesh of the fruit is dense, the taste is sweet with sourness

Apples are fragrant, the smell reminds of sweets. This is one of the most common varieties of dessert apples. The first yield does not come earlier than 4-5 years after planting the seedling. Ripen apples early, by the end of summer you can take fruit from the tree

The greatest peak of the tree yield is 11-12 years of growth. A good harvest is the removal of one tree from 30 to 80 kg of fruit. The tree fructifies every year, but over time, the yield turns into a periodicity

Apples have an aesthetic appearance, this variety is very well sold. You can store apples in the cellar for about two months or in the refrigerator, then the shelf life will increase many times. Fruits are resistant to low mechanical stress, which facilitates the transportation of the crop to a considerable distance

Apples perfectly complement the diet. They include sugar, pectin, vitamin C and fiber. This is a great way to boost immunity and improve the digestive process. Absence of fats characterizes apples as an excellent dietary product. To remove toxins, you must include in the diet these apples. Fruits are good both for fresh consumption, and for jam, compotes, drying

Sort of apples Melba

Low resistance to low temperatures alarms many gardeners. Thanks to these plants, scientists were able to breed dozens of new varieties that easily endure severe climatic conditions. Another problem is the instability to various fungal diseases

The tree must be periodically treated with special substances for disease prevention. It is better to exclude this procedure during flowering and ovaries. Adult trees often falter, which creates inconvenience and causes significant losses to gardeners

When self-pollination yield of apple trees is small, it is better to plant a tree pollinator. But with proper care of the plant, the harvest will be of high quality. It is very difficult to make a prediction at what age the tree begins to bear fruit periodically. This complexity delays the process of renewing the garden

The fruits of apple-tree “Malba” have an individual and unique taste, they are very popular. It is undesirable to allow overripe fruits, this will complicate their storage. Harvest is removed from trees unripe and apples “reach” already artificially. Pedicel short, but snug against shoots. Due to this, the uncollected crop still remains on the trees for some time, and then falls off.

Sort of apples “Melba”