Snow nutria

Snow nutria

Snow nutria

Until 1920, nutria were found exclusively in the wild. Their homeland is South America. But the time has come, and man, appreciating the high quality of meat and furs of this animal, began to breed it in captivity. And after only a couple of decades very much succeeded in this

In Russia, the first nutria was brought from Argentina in 1930, and domestic breeders began to work actively on the breeding of new breeds

In 1962, the employees of the Slavske economy of the Kaliningrad region, in tandem with the scientist of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Hunting and Fur farming, managed to bring out a surprisingly beautiful view – snow nutria, obtained by crossing a silver female with a male of light golden color

By the way, until 1950, nutria in the USSR was bred only in the south of the country, as they better tolerate a warm climate. But later the cattle breeders managed to establish the process in the northern regions, using closed breeding facilities

Fur in representatives of the breed of snow nutria is simply gorgeous and is very popular among customers of fur coats. It is pure white, without pigmented hairs, and looks very elegant

And the nutria itself looks wonderful. She has light brown eyes that are high on her forehead. This provides the floating animal with a good view of the terrain (nutria – excellent swimmers and underwater, they can overcome about one hundred meters, holding their breath for five to six minutes). The trunk of the snow nutria is squat, slightly elongated. The head is too big. Ears – almost hairless from the outside and overgrown with thick wool inside (this allows to prevent water access to the ear canal)

The upper lip and cheeks are “equipped” with vibrissae – stiff and long hairs that perform the functions of touch. Muzzle – dull, with pronounced, outwardly incised incisors. The tail and feet of the snow nutria have a light pink color – they are practically naked, and the trunk hair is very dense. Paw pads are also soft pink

Snowy nutria is a fairly large animal. Body weight of some representatives sometimes reaches 10 kilograms. The growth (more precisely, the length) of females is about 50-60 cm, and their satellites can boast parameters as large as 70-80 cm (half of them, or even more, takes up the tail)

In general, the breed of snow nutria has 3 varieties. But they are so similar in appearance, that it is difficult to distinguish them from the other with the naked eye (especially as a layman). It is subject only to specialists

Average fecundity of snow nutrients – 4-5 puppies per litter

After removing the breed, scientists, continuing to cross the snow nutria, found that the best combination is snow nutria plus beige, pearl or white Italian. Only in such variations high fertility is observed. And if you cross the snow nutria within your own breed, then the fertility is reduced by a quarter

Breeding snow nutria is a fascinating and very profitable business. Their elegant fur is in great demand, and the meat is in no way inferior to rabbit or chicken and is considered a delicacy. Therefore, these representatives of mammals are bred for industrial purposes, and today they are gradually conquering the market of livestock products

From fur and skins of snow nutria make collars, manto, fur coats, jackets and hats. They are almost in no way inferior to the classical mink. Neither in terms of quality, nor in terms of appearance

Snow nutria

Snow nutria