Smokehouse with own hands

Smokehouse with own hands

What can be more delicious than smoked fish or ham. And if this dish is cooked by yourself, then it is even more pleasant. In the smokehouse you can smoke not only fish, but also hams, cheeses and even fruits. Everyone who has a plot of land can himself make a smokehouse

Smokehouses are of three types: cold, hot and semi-hot smoking

Cold smoking occurs at a temperature of 40 – 50 degrees. Products that are cooked in a cold way have exquisite smells and refined taste. Meat, smoked in this way, can hang in a dry cellar for about a year and will not lose its flavor. True, cold smoking is a long process. It lasts from six hours to three days

Hot smoking occurs at a temperature of 70 – 120 degrees. When hot smoked food is prepared very quickly. The time for smoking products is from fifteen to four hours. Of course, smoking takes place very quickly, but to taste is not as refined as the products of cold smoking

Half-smoking smoking occurs at a temperature of 60 – 70 degrees. In such a smokehouse, only fresh products are smoked. To taste, half-smoking smoking is like cold smoking

The simplest smoking smokehouse. To do this, you will need: 1. Two meters of film. Choose a thick film. Such a film is used for greenhouses

2. Stakes made of wood or pieces of reinforcement two meters in length. You will need four such pegs

3. Six rods, small thick for joining stakes

Smokehouse with own hands

We take our film and sew one side. You get a sack like that. Then choose a place for the smokehouse. It should be kept away from the house building, because the smoke from the smokehouse can get into the house

Also the location should be flat. Then we drive the pegs into the ground in the form of a square. Now it is necessary to fix the stakes with each other using rods. Also you will need to connect the pegs to each other diagonally. There are three such connections. Then you can start cooking. We take pre-cooked products for smoking and hang them on rods

When hanging it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the products do not come into contact with each other. Then you need to stretch the burlap of the film on the structure to the middle. At the bottom of the construction on a level platform you need to pour out burning coals. Then on the burning coals you need to put green grass and lower the film to the ground. It is necessary to observe the integrity of the structure

The simplest smokehouse for hot smoking.

Smokehouse with own hands

For this we need a steel bucket with a lid. At the bottom it is necessary to put a handful of special sawdust for the smokehouse. Inside the bucket you need to insert two grids or grilles in stainless steel

The first grid is set at a distance of ten centimeters from the bottom of the bucket, and the second at a distance of five centimeters from the previous grid. On the nets decompose the pre-cooked foods that you will smoke. Close the lid tightly with a lid and put on a fire. It will be ideal if you cover the lid with wet burlap

The bottom of the bucket will heat up, the sawdust in the bucket will begin to smolder. Do not live, the sawdust will not burn because there will not be oxygen access in the closed bucket. Twenty minutes later, the bucket can be carefully removed. Do not open it at once, it is necessary for the bucket to cool. Only after the bucket has cooled can you open it and get the cooked food

It is important to know. For smoking you can not take firewood or sawdust from coniferous trees. Firewood from fruit trees is the best option for firewood for a smokehouse.

Smokehouse with own hands