Slaughter of ducks

Slaughter of ducks

Slaughter of ducks

The duck is an early ripening and fast-growing bird. Usually slaughter of ducks begins at 2 months of age. Its weight at this time is not less than 2 kg.

Slaughter of ducks should be carried out taking into account several simple rules. The observance of which will preserve the taste and nutritional properties of meat, and will also increase the shelf life of the meat.

Before killing a duck, the bird must be kept on a hunger strike for 8-10 hours. This must be done to release their intestines and stomach. If this action is missed, the remains of food will decompose in the intestine. This will lead to damage to the carcass, and also reduce the quality of meat.

Birds do not feed before slaughter, but water does not limit drinking water. Ducks, prepared for slaughter, are placed in a cage or box with a mesh or lattice floor. This is necessary so that the bird can not peck its litter or earth.

In domestic farming, the most convenient way of slaughter is the external method. The bird must be hanged by the paws for this, and the wings laid for each other. The head is taken into the hand, the neck is stretched slightly. On the left side of the neck below the lobe of the ear at 18-20 cm, a vein and an artery with a width of 1.5-2 cm are made. Then the duck should be suspended behind the paws, so that the bird will exsanguinate.

Slaughter of ducks

This process lasts an average of 10 minutes. Another method of slaughtering ducks is to chop off the head, after which the carcass should also be hung for bleeding.

The next step: plucking. To do this, pour boiling water on the carcass. Then you should let it cool. For 2 hours, the duck will cool down, and the duck fat will freeze. Feathers will be easier to pluck.

Slaughter of ducks

Plucking ducks

If the bird is old, it must be lowered a couple of times in boiling water. To facilitate the plucking, immediately after scalding wrap the duck in a dense fabric, keep it so for a couple of minutes. Another way to facilitate plucking is to wrap the duck in a wet gauze. Press the duck with a hot iron. And after that you can start to pluck. At first, plucking large feathers. Then proceed to the small feathers of the brisket, shoulders and back, paws, neck. Pooh and feathers are removed gently and gently, so as not to damage the skin. After plucking, the carcass of the duck is burned a little on fire.

The plucked feathers should be washed in warm water, adding a little detergent. Then thoroughly caress. The water for rinsing should be changed a couple of times. Then the feathers are squeezed and dried.

The next step is the evisceration of the carcass. For half-gutting open the belly of the carcass and pull the entire intestine. With complete evisceration, all internal organs of the carcass are removed. Leave only the lungs and kidneys. The head in this case is cut off by the second cervical vertebra. The paws are cut to the heel of the heel, and the wings are cut to the elbow joint.

For short-term preservation of carcasses ducks the most optimal way is the refrigerator. However, there are a couple of ways to keep the freshness of meat for a couple of days. In summer, carcass wrap in a clean cloth, soaked in vinegar. If the fabric dries, it should be dampened with vinegar constantly.

In order to preserve the carcass for a long period, it must be consistently cooled and then frozen. Frozen duck carcasses can persist for 2-3 months. Before you cook something with ducklings, the carcass must be thawed consistently, so that meat does not lose its nutritional and taste properties.

Also, duck meat is well preserved and in a salty form. For this, the duck is cut after evisceration into several parts, laid in a barrel or ceramic dishes. The meat is sprinkled with salt. After 2 days, the meat is taken out, the brine is allowed to drain. Melt and warm the duck fat. Salted meat is placed in it. A little waiting for the pieces of meat to get, give a cool. Then densely spread in glass or enameled dishes. Pour on top with warm fat and cover with a lid. The dishes with meat are left in a cool place.

Duck carcasses are also perfectly preserved in smoked form. If you plan to store a duck for a long period – a cold smoking method is recommended. For a short storage, a hot smoking method is suitable. Smoked carcasses are suspended and kept in a cool place.

Slaughter of ducks