Silvery breed of rabbits

Silvery breed of rabbits

Silvery rabbits refer to meat-hide of the middle class. A distinctive feature of this breed is that they have a sufficiently developed and large muscle tone, as well as the characteristic color of fur, under “light silver”. Noteworthy is the fact that initially the rabbits of this breed are born when they have a dark silver hue of the skin, which gradually becomes lightened with age for several months. In any case, this breed will be of interest to experienced breeders and beginners.

Silvery breed of rabbits

Breed description

Rabbit silver is a compact rabbit, medium size. This breed was bred around 1946-52. As a basis, rabbits of the Champagne breed were taken for breeding, which were imported from Germany 20 years earlier.

With all its appearance, this breed speaks of its ideal and harmoniously built physique. His body has a compact complexion, which is much closer to the waist. Paws are very strong with developed and strong muscles. The head of a rabbit of this breed is small, and to the nose considerably narrows.

Breed color

Color of this breed of rabbits has a silver hue, which consists of combining white and black hair in the fur. At the same time, due to the fact that down hair has a bluish tinge, this breed has a variety of shades of gray. The original hair cover, with which the rabbit appears on the light – black. Approximately at the age of 1 month, all of them begin to appear silvery hues of hair on the belly, tail and nose. After this, there is a change of color on the ears, head, chest and back.

It is worth noting that only such a gradual change of color, can say that the rabbit is thoroughbred and true silvery. The most qualitative breed, it is considered that rabbit, which is similar to the Siberian squirrel. In this case, an excessively light shade of silvery, often undesirable.

In order for you to not only get a bright offspring of small rabbits, it is not recommended to purchase equally light rabbits female and male.


It is worth noting, despite the fact that the breed is considered average in its size, in generally recognized standards, they are quite large. Adult individuals can reach up to 6-7 kg. Small rabbits at birth weigh mostly about 75 grams. As for females, they have a lot of milk, due to which the offspring they feed, quickly grow stronger and gain weight. Speaking about females, one should not bypass them and their high fertility, on average, one child is born to 9 rabbits.

At the same time, young representatives of this breed have a high level of early ripeness of their meat. Thus, the following results of weight gain were obtained: when feeding 60 day-old rabbits with full-length granules, after 60 days they reached approximately 4 kilogram weight. It should be noted that for 1 kilogram of live weight, it was spent approximately 2.7 – 3.2 fodder units.

Silvery breed of rabbits

As for the breeding work for this breed, experienced breeders recommend increasing the number of ruts, with constant quality control, where there will be permanent elimination of deficiencies, and improvement of the population.

In any case, this breed deserves attention, both on the part of professional breeding for profit in the quality of meat and pelts, and for non-commercial breeding. Good qualities, parameters and healthy offspring allow us to talk about high profit and quality products.

Silvery breed of rabbits