Sheep breeding

Castration of sheep

Males of goats and sheep begin to smell unpleasantly when reaching puberty, emitting fetid odors to attract females. In general, there is no big trouble in the smell itself, but it negatively […]

Milking of sheep

Sheep are used not only as meat and wool animals, but also as a source of tasty and healthy milk, the use of which allows you to prepare delicious dairy cheeses and […]

Feeding and keeping sheep

Sheep are considered to be very unpretentious in keeping and feeding animals, because many beginning farmers are building their business on sheep farming. Maintenance and care Before purchasing sheep you should take […]

Forage for sheep

Feeding sheep is a complex and responsible process, requiring special attention of the livestock breeder, since the health, appearance, ability to reproduce the offspring, quantitative and taste characteristics of meat depend on […]

Feeding rams

Sheep-breeders represent a special value for any farm, because the quality of the sperm depends not only on the number of fertilized queens, but also the ability to transfer the properties of […]

How to care for sheep

Sheep animals are very useful and at the same time not too whimsical in content. They are able to graze both on semi-desert pastures and in mountainous terrain, they are hardy, and […]

Interesting facts about sheep

Sheep are harmless and useful for agriculture. They have a developed herd instinct, are unpretentious in food, able to graze even after other animals and on pastures with low growing grass. Sheep […]

Room for sheep

Sheep are usually covered with a large amount of wool, so inexperienced cattle breeders erroneously believe that these animals are not afraid of cold weather. In fact, sheep as well as any […]

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