Sheep breed “Dorper”

Sheep breed “Dorper”

Sheep breed Dorper

History of the breed Sheep meat is considered to be one of the most expensive breeds of sheep in the world. This breed was created in South Africa, where at the beginning of the last century there was a need to obtain a breed of sheep that was not whimsical in terms of content, weighted and multiplied in the arid climate and the poor feed base of the South African regions

In the formation of the Dorper breed, such breeds of sheep as the dorset horn and in addition the Persian black-headed breed of sheep took part. The first syllables in the names of these rocks and gave the name of the resulting new breed dorper. Sheep durkers are very hardy, they can do without water in the heat for up to 2 days, they weight with a meager and monotonous feeding and a diet that is not rich in vitamins and minerals

Dorpers quickly gained fame throughout the world. Currently, the sheep of this breed are bred in Europe, Canada, the USA and other countries where it has successfully adapted to local conditions

Characteristics of the breed Sheep prey are a classic representative of the meat orientation. They are cloddy, the wool of these animals is short, smooth and straight. She does not need a haircut – the sheep are considered to be hairless. In the spring the animals undergo a molt

The color of these sheep is entirely white or white with a black head color. Very valuable sheep skin dorper, it is considered one of the best for such items as smoothness, the connection of the skin with the hair, softness. The skin of these sheep is strong and dense in structure. It is used in the leather industry for making clothes and accessories

Productivity The weight of adult males of this breed ranges from 95 to 140 kg, females 65-95 kg. By the year, sheep bollocks weight up to 105 kg, and the yarochki up to 55 kg. The live weight of the born lambs is 2.8-4 kg. For sheep the Dorper breed is characterized by a rapid increase in body weight (500-700g per day) As a result, lambs already reach a mass of 15-25kg per month, and by the 4th month can weigh 50kg

Slaughter percentage of meat averages 55%, which is a very good indicator. The meat of these sheep does not contain a lot of fat. It does not have a specific smell of lamb. This meat has a delicate structure and delicate taste

Reproduction The fertility of sheep dorper is on the average 150-225%, which indicates the birth of 1 sheep from 2 to 4 lambs per lamb, although in the first births only one lamb appears in the ewe. Okot at these sheep, as a rule, passes easily and without complications. Lambs of this breed are viable, energetic, grow fast. Closer to 7.5-8 months. The females become sexually mature and are capable of producing offspring

Little lambs become sexually mature at 6-7 months. The Dorper breed is polyester, fertilization in females can take place in any season of the year, and with a balanced diet it is possible to get offspring up to 3 times in 1.5 years

The Dorper breed has gained popularity all over the world for its unpretentiousness and excellent performance indicators. This breed of sheep is widely used for crossing with other breeds in order to obtain high rates of weight gain in lambs and improve the performance of meat.

Sheep breed “Dorper”