Shadrinskaya geese

Shadrinskaya geese

Shadrinskaya geese

Poultry farming in Russia is a developed type of activity. Each farmer can choose which poultry to breed. Popularity among domestic birds is enjoyed by geese. These long-legged creatures are a valuable asset of all poultry farming. A general analysis of the population of domestic geese shows a large number of varieties of these individuals. Shadrinskaya breed of birds, in a different way the Ural is in demand in the Siberian and Ural regions. The sight of this bird arose through the taming of wild geese. Later, selection was used to increase the productivity of qualitative characteristics of birds

Description of Shadrinskaya geese

– Short neck

– Special bulges on the chest

– Presence of tightly pressed wings

– Short tail

– Small creases in the abdomen

– Short legs

– Color of feathers gray and white

Room for Shadrinskaya poultry. A wooden material is used to build the gosyatnik. The approach to the content of Shadrin geese is individual, despite their high resistance to the cold season. Based on the goals of using the geese of this breed, the room is lined with dry straw or wood shavings. This procedure is suitable for all breeds of domestic geese. A feature of the Shadrin geese is a large plot. Birds do not need to adjust the temperature regime. The temperature can be about 18 degrees and below, depending on the location of the gusatnik

Standards of feeding shadrin geese

Ordinary poultry requires 2 meals a day. The composition of food can include ordinary grains or mixed fodder. Shadrinsky goose thanks to its breed can consume virtually all cereals, including vegetable mix. The diet can consist of a variety of mixtures (bran, corn, peas). In winter, it is desirable to increase the supply of plant substances. Food should include nutrients. This will improve its immunity

Shadrinskaya geese

Care and maintenance of geese

The breeding of Shadrinskaya breed is conditioned by careful control. Poultry farmers can breed these birds for the sale of meat. The use of Shadrin plumage for the production of bed products is not very relevant, since fluff has tough properties. The average weight of an adult goose is about 6 kg. Shadrin goose meat has a good taste, so the demand for the bird market for this type of products is growing. The bird is also suitable for making goose fat. This substance is used in pharmaceutics and cosmetics

Goose liver can be a delicacy, thanks to its nutritional properties. All the liver of the Shadrin goose reaches up to 400 grams. Female can weigh up to 4 kg, they are unpretentious and capable of laying hens. To increase egg production, geese are provided with favorable conditions. The room is insulated, the floor is lined with a thin layer of chips, and cleanliness is ensured. Shadrinskaya breed of geese are grazed on private plots. There must be a reservoir near. A large amount of water positively affects the body of the bird. The quality of wild geese, from which the Shadrin breed originated, allows drinking even river water

Advantages of the Shadrin breed of geese

1. Frost resistance

2. Viability

3. Activity

4. Uncomplicated

5. Good adaptation

6. Quality meat

7. Versatility

Breeding geese Shadrinskaya breed as an activity-cost-effective option. The correct algorithm of action, will allow everyone to turn a favorite thing into a stable income. This breed is unpretentious, therefore expenses can be reduced to a minimum.

Shadrinskaya geese