Selection of geese for the tribe

Selection of geese for the tribe

Experienced poultry farmers use their own poultry for breeding. This is an effective process that brings great profits. They are engaged in breeding geese on private plots. The area determines the spaciousness and comfort for birds.

Selection of geese for the tribe

Recommended instruction for selecting domestic geese.

1. Selection of geese. When selecting domestic geese, the farmer takes into account their productivity and productivity. Each breed contains its own individual qualities. Tribal birds in a related herd lead to the middle of autumn. A situation is created when one male is responsible for 3 geese. Usually the choice falls on such species of geese, in which a well-expressed breed. It turns out the more pure the breed, the better will be the offspring. The content of geese more than two years, indicates that the quality of the instinct of incubation, egg-laying, precocity, plumage and live weight is at the same level.

Selection of chicks occurs according to the following indicators :

– Indicator of development.

– Fortress bones paws.

– Strength of the beak.

– Stable chest.

– The state of the immune system.

– Good plumage.

The breeding of geese from poultry farms will entail a high egg production, but the incubation rate in goose will be understated. Gusaks are checked by the size of the organ of the reproductive system.

2. Feeding system for geese for the tribe. Poultry of small breed does not require special food, so it is enough to graze them on pasture and fatten them with ordinary grain crops. In winter, geese feed on root vegetables and grain flour. A large breed of geese is fed by specialized types of feed with different composition. In the grain culture oats predominate. The mode of feeding in the incubation provides indicators of the weight category of birds and the number of eggs carried. Breeds that have low egg production are provided with useful minerals. The rate of feeding geese depends on the oviposition factor. The initial stage of hatching eggs involves an increase in feeding. The flour of legumes, curdled milk and ground bone will do.

3. The content of breeding geese. The long term association of geese, determines the great relationship. There is a risk that there will be no mating between males and females. Therefore, the gander, every 3 years, replace. Increased viability of geese is achieved by crossing two individuals. For example, wild geese pick their own female, following instincts. In this case, the male is forced to put on geese, on the basis of the same conditions of keeping and feeding. With two pedigree crossings, the Italian goose breed is used. She has high egg production. The gander is selected from more difficult breeds. The sex of individuals is determined by the characteristic features of geese (genitals).

4. Selection of eggs of breeding geese. Pedigree geese are characterized by high egg production, so 2 times a day you need to control the collection of eggs. Storage of eggs occurs at a temperature regime of 13-17 degrees. The storage capacity can be an ordinary box, a wooden box. Eggs should be in a horizontal position.

Selection of geese for the tribe

The main features of the discrepancy of breeding goose eggs :

– Large size (two yolks).

– Wrong form (squeezed, long or round egg).

– The broken shell.

When contaminating the surface of eggs, they must be washed before being placed in an incubator. Eggs are washed very carefully, to avoid damage to the shell. The process takes place in clean water. Dirt is well washed off with peroxide solution.

Observance of all standard norms will lead to the appearance of good offspring.

Selection of geese for the tribe