Russian trotter breed of horses

Russian trotter breed of horses

The horses of the Russian trotting breed are representatives of the lightweight horse type obtained in Russia in the 20th century by reproducing the Orel trotting breed with Dutch and American friezes. The main goal before the creators of these horses was to receive not only stallions for sport, but also suitable for work of different kinds of teams.

Russian trotter breed of horses

Long and painstaking work allowed to create a horse with a trotter steady trot. The Russian trotting breed of horses was officially registered in 1949. Now it is one of 4 representatives of trotting breeds of horses in the world. The Russian trotting breed of horses is very common throughout the former USSR and is used as a means to improve the gene pool in mass horse breeding.

Characteristics of Russian trotting horses

The height of the Russian trotters reaches 160 cm. Trotters are distinguished by an excellent addition of the head and an impeccable straight profile, a massive frontal part. They have bottomless dark eyes, long moving ears and a medium-sized neck. Characteristic for the Russian trotting breed of horses is the presence of a straight and long body of the body, a long withers. The Russian trotter has an inclined, large and long croup, as well as a broad chest.

Characteristic of the Russian trotter is the presence of a deep abdomen and a retracted abdominal cavity. The limbs are powerful and strong, however, there are some flaws. Hind legs are club-footed, and the forelegs are slightly turned inside, so the gait of these horses is “raking”. Tendon corpus is lean and drooping. The hooves are rounded and have a very hard horn covering, which allows them to withstand large damages.

The Russian trotting breed of horses has a calm character, is courageous, frisky, has a great capacity for work, and is also very submissive. Typical color: bay, light brown, black, brown and rarely ashy.

The horses of the Russian trotting breed – horses, possessing both external beauty, and a sufficient level of endurance and diligence, and also remarkably succumb to training.

As the thoroughbredness of the Russian trotters becomes more demanding for the conditions of complementary feeding and maintenance, if this is not observed, then grow up underdeveloped and weak.

To date, work on crossing with the Russian trotter is aimed at improving the quality of speed and fixing such positive characteristics as strong ligaments and tendon apparatus, height, lean constitution of the body.


The main purpose of Russian trotting horses is various kinds of equestrian competitions. They are ideal in mixed trials, races and overcoming obstacles. Russian trotters show excellent endurance both at trot runs and in other types of equestrian competitions. Due to the fact that these horses are descendants of the Oryol and American trotters, they occupy the average for records, as well as medium speed.

Russian trotter breed of horses

Not so long ago the Russian trotting breed of horses was successfully used to overcome obstacles. But how else, because the presence of a special structure of the hind limbs, helps the stallion to jump off jumping, pushing close to the obstacle and at high speed. Leading Western coaches choose Russian trotting horses or horses with an admixture of their blood.

In addition to all this, Russian trotters are used to improve the quality of the gene pool of draft breeds.

Russian trotters are also eagerly bought by the leading horse farms of the whole world, which indicates the quality of this breed of horses, and work to consolidate their positive signs gives hope that perhaps the Russian trotter will one day break the record in running speed in a thoroughbred horse.

Russian trotter breed of horses