Russian long-haired breed of sheep

Russian long-haired breed of sheep

Russian long haired breed of sheep

History of the Sheep of the Russian long-haired breed was created in the middle of the twentieth century in the breeding farms of Voronezh and Tver and regions. The breed was created with the help of complex factory crosses, followed by cultivation in oneself and strict selection. The basis of the breed was Kuchugurov’s sheep, northern sheep and Mikhnov’s ewes belonging to the breeds of coarse-wooled sheep. They crossed with lincoln lambs. As a result of this selection work, 2 intraspecific types of animals were formed, Kalinin and Liskin sheep

Features of the breed Sheep Russian long-haired breeds refer to the semi-fine-grain type of sheep meat-beef orientation. In general, large breeds of animals. Adult sheep reach a weight of 105-110 kg., Sheep 55-68 kg. Individuals are harmoniously combined, with a large, fairly developed chest, a thick folded neck and a wide, long back

Kalinin type of animals was formed due to crosses of English sheep such as Lincoln with ewes of northern short-tailed sheep. Animals of this type are large and quite tall at the withers. So the height of the ewes is 60-65 cm, the rams are slightly higher than 73- 76 cm. The live weight of which is achieved by the sheep of this type is 90-105 kg. Sheep weight 55-60kg

On average, the wool from the sheep wool of the Kalinin type is cut from 3.4 to 4.5 kg, the sheep give 6.1-6.3 kg. wool. The wool has a homogeneous structure, the length of the fibers is on the average 14-17cm, ton 44-46mk. The fertility of Kalinin’s queens is 140-160%. Kalinin sheep is different from the Liskinic multiplicity, small size and tint of wool fiber. The wool has a shine and a yellowish or white color

Liskinsky type of animals was created on the basis of the breeding farms of the Voronezh province by crossing all the same sheep of the Lincoln type with the coarse-wooled sheep of the Mikhnov breed. Liskino sheep have a strong constitutional structure, large size, massive head. Sheep are cloddy, with a thick bang. On the muzzle there is a short covering coat, usually a white shade. The body is massive, with deep chest and widely spaced limbs. The wool has a homogeneous structure, long, does not contain awn

The fleece has a mowing structure with large curls. The weight of ewes of this type is 56-68 kg, rams up to 110 kg. The average number of trimmed wool from 3.5 to 8 kg., Depending on the sex of the animals. The length of the wool is 15-18 cm, the toning is 48 microns. The yield of purified wool reaches 60-65%. Sheep of the Liski type are characterized by high precocity. With a sufficient feed base, their weight by 6 months can reach 50 kg

Rapid growth rates, a rather large yield of pure wool, high fertility, homogeneous high-quality fleece make Russian long-haired breed quite popular. The main part of the Russian long-haired sheep population is found in the Tver, Voronezh and Kalinin regions, as well as in the regions of central Russia.

Russian long-haired breed of sheep