Room for sheep

Room for sheep

Sheep are usually covered with a large amount of wool, so inexperienced cattle breeders erroneously believe that these animals are not afraid of cold weather. In fact, sheep as well as any other pets need a winter period in warmth and care, which they can be provided with the construction of a dry and warm barn, or sheepfold.

Material for construction

Particular attention in the construction of a place for the maintenance of sheep should be given to the choice of material. In warm climatic zones, the main building material in the last century was usually saman – a mixture of clay, sand and straw. From the adobe, some sort of primitive bricks were sculpted, from which durable, warm buildings were built.

Room for sheep

In the north, for building a shed for sheep, even warmer and more reliable building materials are used – wood, baked brick, cinder, or cat.

Profitability of the construction of a room for sheep

Many farmers note that the construction of their own sheepfold is not an easy business and has a low profitability. It is much more profitable and easier to purchase a room for sheep to rent from a former collective farm, or a state farm. Once big state farms are willing to provide such premises for rent. It is noted that it is more profitable to rent a building than to build it.

Room for sheep

Internal furnishing of the sheepfold

From inside the sheepfold should be dry, light and spacious. It is necessary to calculate the amount of the area in such a way that at least 2.5 square meters per one sheep will have to accommodate not only the animal itself, but also a new litter, as well as drinking bowls and feeding troughs.


The floor in a sheep-dog is best covered with clay, laid with wooden boards, or left earthen. Under no circumstances should cement be used for floor installation, let alone make concrete screed. Despite the fact that such a floor is more convenient from the point of view of cleansing, sheep is absolutely contraindicated, since it can cause colds that can have a very lamentable outcome.

When installing a wooden floor, it should be installed at an altitude of 20-33 centimeters above the ground, which not only creates the conditions for rapid drainage, but also allows more effective insulation of the floor.

Once again, it is worth emphasizing the importance of warming the entire sheepfold as a whole, in winter the temperature in the room should not fall below 8 degrees. During the lambing period, farmers install additional heaters in the rooms, allowing them to bring the temperature to 18-20 degrees.

A special article in the costs of sheepfish is the purchase of straw for litter. Sheep are not great lovers of dampness, because the floor must be covered with a thick layer of straw. The lack of straw can be filled with sawdust. For one sheep for winter it is enough to prepare more than 100 kilograms of straw.


Sheepfold should be well lit at any time of the day and night, because the presence of windows should be taken care of in advance.

Unlike goats, sheep do not like to stand on their hind legs, but it will still be much safer to place windows at a height of 1.2-1.5 meters above the floor. You can glaze the windows in the sheepfold, or you can simply score with a film and various old rags. If there is no artificial ventilation, windows can be used as an air intake and air outlet, trying not to create a draft.

The room for sheep must be divided into zones, each of which is intended for individual age groups or categories of sheep. Uterus with lambs should be located separately from the grown young, and those in turn from adult sheep and rams-producers. As a separator, gratings up to 1 meter high can be used.

Room for sheep